Saturday, May 13, 2006

Beads, Books & Paint!

I should be getting packed. Yet with Holly, Three-Bell Huntress on my lap, what is there to do but to start playing around with Google. Found this Blog site, and decided what the hey?!!! Might as well give it a try.

Improvisational, as is my style. Just do it. Don't think too much. My blog doesn't have to be perfect. My posts do not have to be perfect. I do not have to be perfect. Hey, you do not have to be perfect either. Whew! That's a relief.

Learned this lesson from Mary Oliver, who is probably the world's most wonderful poet, in her poem called "Wild Geese." I bet if you google it, you'll find it. The first line reads: "You do not have to be good." That one line has changed my life, totally, for the better!

Back to the subject of this post, I'm departing Monday morning for St. Paul, MN (town where I was raised, and where my parents and two brothers still live), and from there to Wisconsin... to be exact, that's Muscoda, WI... in the southwest corner of the state. I can't wait to drive there, as I haven't driven through the Midwest for ages. There, tucked into rural farmland, is an art school, specializing in book arts. Whooooopeeeeee! And there I will be priviledged to teach Beads, Books & Paint! All of my totally favorite things in life! Working shoulder to shoulder with students, playing with beads and paint and making books for four whole days (and nights)! FUN!

Are you the spur of the moment type? Want to join us? There are still a couple of openings...

OK, guess that's enough for this post. As I said... I really do need to get packing...

Until next time... beady blessings!

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