Monday, July 06, 2009

Ribbon Question + MOP buttons!

silk ribbons from Nancy's Sewing Basket, Seattle
Click on the picture to really see the lush colors of these silk ribbons. Aren't they just the yummiest?!

45 yards in all... 25 different colors!!!!! I bought them at Nancy's Sewing Basket on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle (WA) a couple of weeks ago. Nancy's is a fabric store that's been in business for about 30 years selling fancy fabrics. If you are in the area and love silk, it's a must... They may not have as many different bolts as some shops, but oh my, every one of them is simply luscious.

The other two main attractions at Nancy's are their their button wall (I go NUTS looking at so many beautiful buttons) and ribbon room (a whole, large room devoted entirely to ribbons of all kinds, including I'd estimate about 80-100 colors of silk ribbons... Akkkkk, be still my beating heart... I go NUTS in there too)!

Below are some mother of pearl buttons I bought at the same time as the ribbons. Again, click to see details. You'll be noticing them on my beading soon, that's for sure.

MOP buttons from Nancy's Sewing Basket in Seattle
These ribbons and buttons make me happy! They are paint on my palette!

My only question is this... Does anybody have a good method for storing the ribbons???? They're all relatively short pieces of 1-3 yards. I thought of winding them on floss bobbin-cards, but I don't want creases in them.

My next post will be about my brother, Thom's recent visit and the beaded piece he's currently making. He found some hand-dyed silk ribbons at Nancy's that make perfect seaweed. I'll show you in my next post soon!


  1. I HATE it when someone posts about a wonderful place and its on the other side of the country!! I'm interested to know if you get good tips on storing ribbon. I wind mine on a toilet paper roll and store in a ziploc.

  2. How about wrapping them around old wooden thread spools? If you don't own any, I know the craft store sells "blanks" -- I've also used 2" wooden dowels cut down and covered in acid free tissue -- this method works really well because you can put more than one ribbon per dowel and sort them by color.

    I used to do this at one time -- now I just keep them in ziploc bags sorted by color. Yes, they do get wrinkled but I just use a curling iron and they are straight within seconds. the curling iron is stored right in the bag with all of my ribbons. It's much quicker and easier for me than winding yards and yards of ribbon but don't worry, there are many other good ideas out there...I just happen to be the first to comment...Have a beautiful day xoxo Susan

  3. OMG...... ditto what Carol said - I want to see and experience this store!!!! just your pic of the ribbons makes me green with envy! ribbons, silks, buttons ... o my. Do they rent out rooms so you can stay an extra day? Some day I do have to travel to your end of the country to see all these places. sigh.
    I keep old cardboard bobbins from old ribbon that's been used up and wind my ribbon up on that. Or in the case of short pieces, tack them up somewhere to hang so I can see them all and what I have.

  4. Anonymous5:42 AM

    The ribbons are simply *beautiful*, and I think they may a lovely sculpture just as they are. I have many shell buttons, but not carved ones like this. I'm really drawn to them, and they are easy to store. ;)

  5. Hi Robin,
    I'm new to your blog, but I've loved your work for a long time. I had to comment on this post because I love ribbons, buttons and silk, not to mention beads(!), and I have lots of all of them. I usually store my ribbons in the plastic drawer cabinets according to color. They're kind of a jumble sometimes but I can easily find what I need because they're sorted by color. I keep empty ribbon spools and wind special ribbons on those sometimes. But, basically, I just wind them around my fingers and put them in the drawers.
    Love your blog. It's very inspiring.

  6. Robin, this may sound crazy, but as beautiful as the ribbons are I would find those small doll clothes hangers and tiny clothes pins and attach them to the hangers. You could then hang them out of the sunlight or in a darker area so they won't fade, but they would be flat and viewable.

  7. Wow, these ribbons are so nice. You can fold them on to stretch film or paper towel spools.
    I have so many different types of shell buttons but your new buttons are so nice, I especially loved the bow type. Looking forward to see your new creations.
    I hope this company has a on-line store soon so I may be able to place an order:))

  8. I would just hang them on a large 3" keyring.

  9. To all ~ Thanks so much for these great storage idea... WOW! They're all good solutions. Right now I'm leaning toward Maryanne's idea about winding them on my fingers and keeping them in little drawers.... I'll have to look for something in clear plastic, so they can please me even in storage!

    To Pam, Carol, Rengin and all who are not in the Seattle area ~ Nancy's does do mail orders and the ribbon clerk (wish I'd gotten her name) is very friendly and helpful. The MOP buttons would be easy to describe and order by phone... only (sorry) they don't have any more of the bunnies (maybe they'll reorder?).

    To Maryanne ~ Welcome to my blog and thanks for the great idea!

    To Barbara ~ Yes, they are a magnificent sculpture just the way they are, all bundled together on black mat board!

    To LB ~ Hmmmmm... I rather fancy the idea of putting the ribbons in 2x3 zips (butterfly-wound bundles) and hanging the zips on keyrings, one color family per ring. Thanks for the idea!

  10. I use the cardboard inserts from waxed paper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil and just wrap it around and secure with a thin pin or a piece of masking tape. Easy as pie. Then you can hang them in a closet or stack them in a box. You can probably get at least 8 ribbons to the roll of each tube.

  11. TWO WORDS...SCOTTIE BUTTONS!!!! Oh my, those are adorable. I'm going to have to go looking for those as I use to be a Scottie dog antique collector & and I use to be a vintage button collector. Now I just collect dust! LOL! Honestly those ribbons are lovely. I wrap mine around my finger & then put them in a plastic carrying case which I think originally was for fishing tackle. But it works as the lid is clear & I can see all those lovely ribbons & fibers "winking" back at me.

  12. You have recieved a wealth of wonderful storage ideas!! i must borrow some as I have recently recieved some beautiful Hand dyed silk ribbons form Pat Winter. Do you know her- Her blog gatherings is a pure delight and she does Crazy quilting with gorgeous ribbon embroidery and beadwork!!

    On a different subject- about your book sales- have you considered setting up a Pay Pal account??? IT would make ordering your books so simple for you and for prospective buyers!!!!! I know many who want to buy your books!!!

  13. Fantastic store! It will go on my list of places to visit- sometime :-)
    I store ribbons on empty thread spools. I like the Gutermann type spools with the grip part at the top. If I use a wooden spool, I secure it with a tiny elastic- I still have loads of them from when my kids had braces. I also store my floss this way when I end up with a tangled mess and have to deal with it.

  14. Silk ribbons! My newest love! Aren't they wonderful to look at, to FEEL, to work with? I just keep them in zipper bags, and iron them before use if need be. The lush curly ribbons don't need any pressing. I have often regretted that I gave my wooden yarn spools away to a kindergarten. Hope the kids had fun with them.

    Handling silk ribbons reminded me of a film (don't remember the title) that I saw years ago. There was a scene in which an exasperated wife said to her husband: "What do men know about touch?" (The question related to dresses made of luxurious fabrics.) What impressed me so was the way the actress made the word "touch" sound. She put everything into it that this word means.



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