Monday, September 14, 2009

Teaching Bead Embroidery

Just a reminder that I'm teaching a two-day Improvisational Bead Embroidery workshop and a half-day Beaded Button class in Phoenix, AZ - Oct. 2-4... Specifics are here.

I'm winding down my teaching career now, so this may be the final opportunity to take my two-day bead embroidery workshop.

After teaching beading (especially my favorite subject - bead embroidery) for 20 years, I still love to teach... still love to turn the creativity up a notch for both beginning and experienced beaders. However, the travel and prep are now highly dreaded and stressful for me. It feels like the time has come to let go of the teaching part of my beading career.


  1. I'm a first time commenter here and I just have to say that I am smitten with your embroidery. The richness and devotion you give to each piece is truly inspiring!

  2. Robin, I was so disappointed that your last (maybe, maybe not) teaching class is the very weekend my sister travels here to see me on Kauai... and then I read your last post, about your heart. Bless you, Robin. If I never inveigle you to come to Kauai to hang out and bead with us, I will have enough inspirational material in the books you've so beautifully written to last me for years. I just wanted the special experience of being in a room with you - like your mana might rub off on me or something.
    Take good care.

  3. Robin, believe it or not, when I first read about your workshops in Phoenix, I filled in a lotto form (ticking six numbers out of 49), which I otherwise do only about once or twice a year. But I didn't even get one number right - so Phoenix was not meant for me. Sigh!

    I hope you will be having a marvellous time in Phoenix, and hopefully you will return to teaching just occasionally ... Thank God we have the blessings of your books and blog!


  4. Hi Robin.

    Well, you must be on the "Make My Life Easier" bandwagon. Less stress, better health. I have never been lucky enough to participate in one of your classes. Maybe you have another book in your future. Only time will tell what direction you will take. Anyway, enjoy the break.

  5. It does take so much time to prepare a class and all the other work associated with teaching. I don't think anyone realize how much work you have to do to get ready for a day workshop. But it is fun once you start, isn't it? Possibly just a week sabbatical from teaching will help you gather your spirits, recharge your Muse, and find some direction some place else. Oh & what Carol said...possibly a new book???


  6. Ann Severine7:44 PM

    When I signed up for your Phoenix class, I had no idea it would be your last. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to spend some time with you.

    Ann S

  7. I too am so grateful to have already signed up for the workshop in November.... but I gave up speaking and traveling several years back. Fo me it was important to find a place I felt was safe and healing and that turns out to be home!

    Hope your heart monitor is watching closely!!! Gerry K.

  8. If I could go to Phoenix that week-end, I surely would!
    I hope these last classes are filled with joy for you, Robin....I know it will be for your students!

  9. I'm signed up! Can't wait to learn what you have to give... thanks for making your last class in Phoenix!

  10. Moving forward is so hard to accept sometimes, even when it's a good thing. Giving up the familiar and enjoyable is hard too. It sounds like you've made the right choice for this time of your life though. Lucky us that you have this blog! I wish you an easy fix for your heart problem and joy in your beading :- )

  11. Take care of your heart! I have a similar thing and take medication for it. It can be very scary but you will be just fine, I know it. I am already missing that I never had a chance to take a class with you! All the best, Lois in PT

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