Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Hoffman Batiks are Out!!!!! I LOVE Them!

batik fabric, Hoffman, Paradise G2178
The first two years of the Bead Journal Project I used at least one batik fabric (sometimes 3 or 4) for each of my monthly pieces. I LOVE batiks. This year, I'm stitching on felt and find that I really miss my batiks...

batik fabric, Hoffman, Juniper BPN006
I love to buy batiks in fat quarters. They come in so many delicious colors and patterns. I love that they are hand-dyed and printed.

batik fabric, Hoffman, Petal G2215
I buy batiks wherever I am... fabric shops, quilt shows and conferences, and online. My favorite online supplier, by far, is Batiks Plus. They measure a yard at 40 inches, a lovely bonus, and gift their customers with free fat quarters for larger purchases. Their website is fabulous, listing and showing over 3500 fabrics! The pictures are good and the colors true. The pictures in this post are all from their website.

batik fabric, Hoffman, Teal G2220
These fabric swatches are from Hoffman's newly released line of batik prints. You can see them all, arranged in "designer groupings" on the Batiks Plus blog. Put on your bib, gals... you'll be a droolin' for sure! Oooooh, the new colors are soooooo exquisite!

batik fabric, Hoffman, Petal G2232
The pictures in this post are a few of my favorites from Hoffman's new line! Hmmmm, now don't I have a birthday coming up soon???

batik fabric, Hoffman, Paradise G2227
If you are viewing this blog on Internet Explorer, you can hover your mouse over the fabric swatch to get the color name and pattern number for each design.

batik fabric, Hoffman, Smoke G2220
Aren't they just yummy!!!


  1. Robin! I LOVE batiks too. Thanks for the link. I have never been to the site before, but its now a favorite.
    xx, Carol

  2. Oh how Yummy!! I am off to shop with a new dry bib!!!! It is amazing how the substrate effects how we feel aobut a piece aside form how it actually looks!! Thanks so much for the link!!

  3. Oh my!! My favourites are the two "Paradise" ones. The top and second to the last. Yummmmm! I wonder how long it'll take for them to reach Canada?

  4. Anonymous4:55 AM

    I also love beading on batiks, and most of what I have in my stash are by Hoffman. My January BJP was on something else, and I missed working on batik so much that I started using them again in Feb.. Now I plan to do the rest of the year with them. It bothers me that Jan. is the only one without a batik foundation, but re-doing it isn't an option. ;)

  5. I'm a batik fanatic! I always say I've never met a batik I didn't love, and these are gorgeous.
    Thanks for the link to Batikplus.

  6. The Hoffman 'smoke' and 'teal' sure look like Zentangle's to me!!! I just might have to find a piece of this!

  7. Oh MY!! now you would have to go and make me swoon over batiks again, wouldn't you, Robin?! :>]] These are GORGEEOHSUS!!!!!!

    What I miss most about working on batiks is that they are so *suggestive* when it comes to beading on top of them - meaning, the swirls & overlays of all the colors helped steer my bead color/combo choices in ways that I wouldn't necessarily come up with using a simpler "canvas", if that makes sense...

    Gotta go now - hopping over to Batiks Plus - bye!
    Thanks and a big hug winging its way to you!!

  8. Me again! Just popped over to their blog and HEAVEN HELP ME, they've got designs called "Sweet Pea".....wooo hoooo!!!!

  9. OMG, those are delightfully lovely! I love using batiks for my dolls. Thank you so much for the link to more fabric! Like I need more, but hey! once a hoarder...always a hoarder.

  10. Oh, those are all fabulous, juicy batiks! Oh, my. And here I am with a 40% off coupon at the Fabric Depot, which undoubtedly has these fine fabrics in stock...!

    YOW! See you later!

  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for the site link...does Christi know there's a fabric titled Sweetpea??

  12. Fabulous Batiks, thanks for the links, I couldn't live without "Batiks".

  13. Wow! Thanks for the excellent link to the online I'm really in trouble, lol!


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