Sunday, June 12, 2011


Living on an island with no access to fully stocked bead shops within 100 miles can be a bummer, especially when I need something for a time-sensitive project.

I've been asked to make a special bracelet (peyote stitch) for a dear friend on a rush basis. I need about 30 transparent green Delica beads. The green needs to be a pure green (not yellow-green, not blue-green) and not real dark. It doesn't matter too much if they are matte or not.

If you have such a thing and would be willing to send them to me, I'd be so grateful. Comment and I'll get you my snail mail address. Thank you, thank you!


  1. Robin, I have a matte green that might work, would silver lined work at all? I have that also. Char

  2. I have a matte trans #1266.
    I also have some 175 # 182.

    Check out the numbers and let me know if you would like them.

    I usually look at colors at Fusionbeads or Artbeads because their on screen colors are pretty good.

    I feel your pain. I am hours away from any place but Michael's (they are good for black and white Toho Treasures).

  3. Oh this is the pits!!! If these two gals offerings don't work, give me a holler and I will go out and buy some for you if i have to!!!

  4. I have transparent green delicas, it looks like they are DB713. If those will work, let me know!

  5. Thank you, dear, generous readers!!! I think we have the situation covered now. I'm so appreciative of your offers!

    Robin A.

  6. HI Robin, You know I will send you anything you need ( or desire - bead wise ) from my shop in Port Townsend. Just give me a call or email. ( 369-385-6131 )xo, Lois


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