Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ganesh - Bead Embroidery by Janet Dann

Janet Dann, bead embroidery, bear, detail
I've shown Janet Dann's exquisitely detailed bead embroidery on an earlier post, here. As you can see in the picture above, she has such an amazing "feel" for animals and is able to show great detail by using mostly size 15/0 (and smaller!) seed beads.

Janet Dann, bead embroidery, ganesh, head detail
This time, she took on Ganesh (sometimes called Ganesha), a long-revered God in India, a guide for new beginnings. With his human-like body and elephant head, he also removes obstacles. Although, when needed, he sometimes places obstacles! Janet is the second beader I know to bead Ganesh. The first was Liz Thompson, who bead embroidered the wonderful, fat and happy Ganesha shown below.

Liz Thompson, bead embroidery, ganesha

Janet's Ganesh is playing music and dancing, as he often does. His robes, necklaces and jeweled belts are swishing this way and that as he moves. His countenance is joyful, his headdress radiant. The size is about 9" high. Most of the beads are size 13/0 and 15/0. Janet used rhinestones, flatbacks, Swarovski crystals, & silver lined beads to decorate his headdress and adornments. There are also gemstones: ruby, emerald, amethyst, rose quartz & lapis. Please click picture to enlarge so you can see the details!

Janet Dann, bead embroidery, ganesh
Maybe some of you don't relate to Ganesh. But all of us can appreciate Janet's work!

Janet Dann, bead embroidery, ganesh, knee detail
Above is a detail of Ganesh's knee. To get the lines and the detail, Janet had to plan ahead the order in which she would bead various elements. In this case, the adornments had to be done first; then the robe covering the top part of his leg; then the knee, leg and foot; and finally the robes behind his leg. Beading in that order allowed the sharp edges which define the various parts.

Janet Dann, bead embroidery, ganesh, drum, jewels detail
Here again, you can see that the hand beating the drum came first, then the jewels on the drum, then the rest of the drum, then the jewelry, and finally Ganesh's body.

As you might guess, the very last thing Janet beaded was the white background. When the beading was finished, she "framed" it in red felt, padding a little bit in certain areas to give further dimension and definition to Ganesh. She made it as a gift for a friend, who has serious health obstacles and needs a "remover." I hope Ganesh does his job well!


  1. What wonderful work she does! Thank you for posting this. I'm all inspired now.

  2. Positively extraordinary! thanks so much for sharing Ganesh...and I really love your 'garden' in the previous post, too!

  3. Janet's beading is beautiful and inspiring but so is her spirit. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a friend in need.

    Thank you both for sharing this with us. The stunning beading and Janet's generousity have moved me greatly.

  4. This is an inspiration to us all, and thanks for posting the photos.

  5. Beautiful beading. I am so in awe and hope that I have the time to handmake something like this. Maybe if I start now, I'll have it finished for my daughter's wedding present (she's only 6 :).

  6. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Both Ganeshs are absolutely wonderful but the the skill in Janet's is breathtaking - a real tour de force.

  7. Vraiment un magnifique travail ! J'adore ! A bientôt

  8. Hi Robin,
    What a treat to find your blog and to discover someone else who likes to use beads the same way I do! I haven't done the complex work you do yet, but I have been making beaded buttons for about a year and I am in love completely. I don't know how to email you directly so forgive my public intro. Thanks,

  9. Thanks for showcasing this lovely work, which I probably wouldn't see otherwise. I also really liked your garden beading.
    best, nadia

  10. Bead embroidery at its finest, for sure!

  11. very nice :), thanks for sharing such a talented bead embroidery artist with us :)

  12. WOW! I love it!

  13. Stunning beadwork! They are all gorgeous!


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