Monday, January 28, 2013

Still Have a Couple of Openings!


Bead Embroidery
Beautiful San Juan Island
March 30-April 1

Join me, Peggy Kemp from Hawaii, and 12 other beaders
for a fun-filled two and a half days
intensive bead embroidery workshop
bead sharing
and beadwork show-tell-solve session!

Spring Getaway! 

As of today,
we still have a couple of openings!
Email Peggy for information
or to register.

More information
here on Beadlust!


  1. How wonderful to have you teaching right on your very own island! I have no doubt this is gonna be so dang FAB!!

    Can't wait!!!

    1. We're really jazzed about it too, Christi... I forgot to mention about the gathering Friday evening... get to know one another with libations and snacks... and of course, BEADS.

  2. Ha, you do amazing things with beads !
    (scrolling down I found your pics of Leslie Gabriëlse ..... !
    happen to be the proud owner of on of his works !)

  3. Sure wish I could join you all....sounds like fun!! And thanks for your comments on my BPJ-yin/yang. I think you are right about learning more and more about it...I already looked up some info before I started and hope to add to my education as I make my journey thru the year...I am journaling each month as I go..I just read more of your blog and loved reading your processing of emotions! Best to you!

  4. Perhaps one year I will be able to join you but in the meantime it is great to be in touch with so many talented beaders and I so enjoy getting your comments.Thanks:)


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