Thursday, October 08, 2015

Quilters, Beaders, and Embroiders are the World's Most Generous People!

gifted fabrics for my hexie quilt, flower petal sets
The quilting community is awesomely generous!!!  Thanks to all who have sent me scraps for making hexie flowers:

Lunnette Higdon Hertel
Judy Lynn
Nancy Anders
Kris Phillips
Carol Holland
Bobbi Pohl
Debbie Schnabel
Sue Shufel
Phyllis Petersen
Thom Atkins
Sabine Keichel
Yvonne Morrill
Sylvia Griffin
Christmas Cowell

I really understand and appreciate that it takes time to sort through your scraps, selecting some that you feel might work for me, packing them to send, getting them to the post office. In some cases, you even took time to cut them into 2" squares for me... WOW! Bless your hearts!

The most interesting thing is that all the fabrics I've received so far are ones I might have picked myself, yet so far there are no duplicates. As of Oct. 19th, I have cut petal sets for about 650 flowers (from my own scraps and fat quarter stash, as well as scraps I've received from other quilters), all of them unique! That's about 90% of what I need to make the quilt, and certainly enough to keep me busy for a looooooong time. It will probably take me a year or so to baste and stitch all of the flowers, although I admit to going at it with a lot of gusto.


  1. Don't work too fast, Robin, can't obtain my maths degree AND get fabrics to the postoffice before Monday!

    1. Not to worry, Sabine, you learn so quickly, your math degree will be in your pocket long before I finish 10 more hexie flowers, the remaining 450 ready-to-sew cut squares still in their zip-lock bags waiting more-or-less patiently for the next, full, visible here, solar eclipse.

  2. How wonderful that people sent so many fabrics! I have plenty of gorgeous ones, so let me know if you need more.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I'd love to have a few of your fabrics! I'll email you directly :)


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