Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jill's Beadwork Prooves You Don't Need Expensive Beads To Make a Great Piece!

Using just some ordinary beads she had on had, Jill created a fun and compelling piece of beads embroidery, which is dramatically presented by her choice of a complimentary color for her cover paper.

Like Lin (see June 1 post), Jill works at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, where she is the Youth Program Coordinator. I promised that I'd tell more about MCBA, so here it goes. There you can always see a great exhibition of hand made books, shop for all your book making needs, and take great classes in bookbinding, printing, and papermaking.... classes for kids too. Plus they offer an artist in residence program.

OK, back to my class at Valley Ridge Art Studio in WI. I like this picture of Jill, because she looks so happy painting. She's putting a color wash on the back side of a painted paper, which she will use as one of her signature covers.

Sticking with the theme of bright, happy colors for her signature covers, Jill made her whole book "sing." Below is the finished work of art.

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