Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Japanese Ladies
are pleased with their
Spirit Dolls!

Here are the pictures I tried to upload to the previous post, with no luck. Read the story in today's earlier post. Don't these ladies look just as pleased as punch with their dolls! What a fun time it must have been for all of them.

And this is the back side of the doll Patsy made for her friend Sandy, the doll that got them all hooked. I love the way she's used scraps of pieced fabric to construct the doll. Can't you just picture some antique shopper 100 years from now delighted to make such a find! Or who knows, maybe it will stay in Sandy's family...

I sometimes think about all of the beads and beadwork lovingly made in the past 20 years since I acquired beadlust, and wonder what will happen to it. Part of the charm of beads is that they're small, portable and very durable. Archeologists are increasingly aware of and interested in the "stories" told by beads found in archeological sites. I see a simple strung necklace in an ethnographic museum, and wonder about its origin. Will our work survive into the future like that?

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  1. I have only recently discovered your blog and I just love it. This spirit doll entry is so nice. All those Japanese ladies will go back and spread their new-found knowledge, and there will be many more spirit dolls all over the world....for future archaeologists to unearth. But in the meantime I'm enjoying seeing them.


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