Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Robert Demar, the man of my dreams (and luckily, my husband!), and I have been reading An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. One of the significant heartbreaks for Robert was reading about the polar bears drowning as the polar cap melts and breaks apart.

I'd like to share a poem that he wrote about this situation:

The polar bears are drowning
and there's nothing I can do.

Their winter world is melting
as the planet blows its cool.

Some call it global warming.
Some say it's nothing new.

Some say that changes happen
and there's nothing we can do.
If you like the photograph above, check out this site. The full sized image is here. If you click on the image, it opens a page of thumbnail pictures of polar bears, all worthy of a look. And, here is one more image that I really like from a different site.

I had a dream about a polar bear just after my Dad died. It was the most vivid dream I've ever had, including full color, sounds and smells. In some Native American mythology, the bear is thought to be the strongest connection mankind has to the spirit world. I believe in the concept of "totem animals," that each of us is born with an animal guide, a specific animal which is with us as a guide for life. This belief, in my mind, does not conflict with other religious beliefs, but rather coincides. Perhaps the polar bear was my Dad's totem animal.


  1. Great photos! I like the poem, too and it is so true. We are just destroying the earth in so many ways.

    I do believe that our loved ones who have passed on come to us in dreams. The polar bear may very well have been your dad. I have been told my totem is the brown bear. My son has studied Native American ways for many years and lives as lightly on the earth as possible. He is an inspiration for me.

  2. I've not seen the movie yet. I carry so much guilt already, I've not felt up to it. But I have full sympathy. Robert sets a great example to put his feelings into a poem. That inspires me to think of making bead or fabric art about global warming. Then my helpless feelings get channelled into something that may influence someone else to care as well.

    Your dream sounds like a precious gift from your father and the spirit world and how wonderful you could mark that auspicious event by sharing it with us!!

    I have observed for myself that quite often when I have a major aha! especially when I'm out driving, that a hawk or similar bird flies overhead just at that moment! I feel that the birds punctuate the truth of my insight. Or perhaps they bring it???

  3. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Robin, I am glad you shared your thoughts regarding polar bears and totem animals. I quite agree that a belief in spirit guides and totems is not inconsistent with other belief systems.

    In fact, I feel that a totem or image that helps one to focus on something positive is very powerful. Several years ago, I bought a Zuni bear fetish simply because I thought it was beautiful. I then bought a book about ZUni fetishes to learn more & found that the bear is also a powerful symbol of healing. Every time I looked at my little bear (I now have quite a collection), it focused my mind on healing and health, and this helped me get through a very difficult time. In a way, my little bear reminded me that it is indeed OK to say a prayer for my own health, as well as one for the healing of others. And now, it will also remind me to say a prayer for all the unique and wonderful creatures that inhabit our planet.

  4. Sad yet beautiful poem.

    I definitely believe in the concept of totem animals. Does everyone have one, I don't know. I know people who have more than one.

    Mine is a snake. Not something I'd ever pick (they give me the heebee-d-jeebees) but there you have it. Regardless of what some people think, you don't pick the animal, they pick you.

    In my last few journey/trance work classes, I've also been having interesting experiences with a scarab/dung beetle. Not sure if this is a secondary totem or what but we'll see where it goes.

    If you're really interested, you might want to pick up "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. It doesn't try to claim to be the end all be all on the subject but it gives you some good points to ponder.

  5. Janet, Vicki, April and Teantae ~ Your comments are very dear to me, as I wasn't sure about the reaction readers might have to this post. I may write more about totem animals, mine and an artist/shaman friend, soon

    Yes, as Teantae says, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is a wonderful introduction to the concept of totem animals and includes Native American beliefs and descriptions of many animals as totems.

    Here is a wonderful website about totem animals that Vicki sent to me privately. And here is another wonderful polar bear picture. Thanks Vicki!

  6. I was sad to hear about the polar bears drowning. I guess I didn't realize that happened. :(

    I've been toying with the idea of creating a beaded polar bear.....hmmm....

  7. I find this theme most interesting. How does one find out what totem animal is assigned to them? While I miss not seeing more of your beady things, Robin, I find the subjects you bring up most interesting and enlightening. Always a joy to visit here.

  8. What a beautiful post. That poem made me cry a little. I see what's going on in the world and feel so powerless to change it sometimes. Those words really captured that feeling.
    I also believe in totem animals. Mine is the orca whale, another northern neighbor to the polar bear. I haven't had the heart to read up on what is happening to them due to global warming. (sigh)

    Thanks for visiting my little blog. :) I really enjoyed reading your posts. I'll be back often!

  9. I couldn't stand it --- did a Google search and found a site quiz to give you your totem animal. I ended up in a three way tie with: DOG, EAGLE, DRAGON, -- they give you a "tie breaker" question -- I ended up with DRAGON -- but think I will keep all three -- hey, we can use all the help we can get, right? Anyway, here is a link if you want to take the quiz:

    Thanks, Robin, for visiting my little blog -- you are the inspiration for it, you know!!! Jackie

  10. Thanks to all who commented on this post. Robert appreciates your comments to his poem, and I feel to be in a community of caring people.

    To Meesh and Lone Beader ~ Yes, Robert's poem makes me cry a little too. I also feel the tears when I look at the picture - look in the eyes of this creature. Like Vicki, I'm trying to work through the question of "What can I do?" I went to this website (recommended by Vicki) and spent an hour or so reading about some of their recommended animal protection/environmental agencies. Giving money is one thing I can do. (Eat less; give more?)

    To JGY ~ I plan to write more about totem animals and an artist/shaman friend soon. But, I also recommend that you get "Animal Speak" from the library. It will help you understand the concept and gives ideas about how to identify your animal guide. BTW, I took the quiz you mentioned just now and came up "eagle" (92%), with stag and crow tied for 2nd (83%). It's interesting, because I'm very drawn to eagles and see them very frequently... stags and crows too. But the quiz list of possibilities is quite short. I believe maybe it can give you an idea of animals with some similar characteristics to your own, but not necessarily identify your totem animal, which can even be an animal (or bird or insect) which you don't particularly like.

  11. I have Animal Speak on request from the library. Thanks for the information and I am looking forward to your future posts about totem animals and your artist/shaman friend soon.

    In my earlier posts I neglected to say how touching Robert's poetry is. Thank you, Robert, for sharing this with us.


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