Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Book about Bead Embroidery ~ Please Vote for Title and Sub-title

You may have noticed my "absence" here and on the BJP blog for the past few weeks. Sorry 'bout that...

I've been writing and beading samples for my new book!!! Oh man, it's looking good and feels so great to be making progress on it! Everything else is suffering... you don't even want to visit my house right now, and of course I'm getting behind with the BJP and not spending much time on the web. Christmas? Is it really that time of year already? All that will get caught up once the book gets to the printer.

Please Help!

The cover design is pretty well set, but I can't make up my mind about the title. Will you help me please? I've added two polls to the side-bar. The first poll is for the main title, which will be laid out like this:
The Joy of
Beading on Cloth
or like this:
The Joy of
Bead Embroidery

The second poll is for the sub-title, which will appear below the cover art in a smaller size font. Will you please vote on both polls? Also, I'd appreciate ANY and ALL comments about this. You can tell me why you voted as you did and/or give me alternate suggestions for either title or sub-title.THANK YOU so much!

In case you're wondering, the projected release date is spring or early summer, 2008. Guess that means I'd better get back to it right now... Thanks again...

PS (on 12-17-07)
Thanks to everyone who is voting and commenting! What wonderously wise beaders you all are!!! I am getting lots of insights from your comments, and appreciate them very much. The interesting vote for me is about the sub-titles. The last one ("...making art...") was a spur of the moment thought while writing the post. Who would have thought it would earn so many votes? Anyway, this is very helpful!


  1. so excited about the book! voted for the not fun or new or more, because what i want from a book is inspiration followed by technique. how do i do what i'm inspired to do?

    and your work is soooooooo inspiring. good luck chosing the title that is right for you. cheers

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    May the best title win...LOL! Seriously though, if you don't feel right about whatever wins, let your feelings overrule the vote :-)

    Cyndi L
    Wildest Dreams Designs

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Maybe I shouldn't have voted! I don't really do much beading but I buy beads and books and dream of getting started. I voted for Beading on Cloth and Techniques and Inspiration because that is what I want in a book. I'll be watching for it no matter what the name! Jane

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  5. A book, how exciting (not your first I know).
    I voted for
    The Joy of Beading on Cloth -Techniques & Inspirations for Making Art with Bead Embroidery....
    because...not all beaders are embroiderers, you may limit the consumer by calling it bead embroidery, and the second one because, well it is about bead embroidery, so you have say that somewhere.( i know that doesn't make much sense)
    I think "beading on Cloth" is something new where as "bead embroidery" has been done before.
    good luck

  6. A new book, how exciting! I don't have a strong feeling about the title, but I love "Techniques & Inspirations for Making Art with Bead Embroidery". The words "techniques", "inspiration", and "making art" all resonate with me... Looking forward to it!

  7. Robin,

    I voted for Joy of Bead Embroidery and Techniques & Inspiration for Making Art with Bead Embroidery. Can I tell you why? Nope. It just spoke to me louder than the others.

    Looking forward to the new book very much.

  8. I liked the beading on cloth as yes, bead embroidery has been said enough as others have pointed out. I thought the cloth word sounded fresher. Techniques and Inspiration for MAKING ART is also catchy for those who want to know how to go their own way instead of relying on planned projects or kits and it elevates the idea of embroidery out of women's handiwork to the artist's realm.

  9. I like the bead embroidery title (without the cloth) because it leaves us options to use embroidery on things other then cloth. Julie C from Mn

  10. Hi Robin!! I, too, am excited about your new book. I agree with Julie (above), but I voted for the Cloth title because I think it stands out. Afterall, we first learn to embroider on cloth...

    Just my 2 cents. LOL.

  11. Hi Robin, can't wait for the new book!
    My reasoning for my votes:
    "Beading on Cloth" sounds younger than "Embroidery" to me, and the addition of the words "making Art" in the subtitle is what really grabbed me!
    Have fun making a decision!

  12. Robin, I am not sure my vote took on both polls as it read "cannot process request". I voted for Beading on Cloth and as Linda Minton before me, liked the "making art" subtitle a lot, too.

    This is so exciting -- I can just imagine what you are dealing with right now . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  13. Anonymous4:54 AM

    I voted for "The Joy of Bead Embroidery" because I think that if the book is about bead embroidery it's better to mention that somewhere,
    and I voted for "Techniques & Inspirations for Making Art with Bead Embroidery" because I doubt will they really be NEW stitches & really NEW techniques? If they are really new and haven't been mentioned in other books, than these titles (with "new") are good.

  14. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Dear Robin,

    my votes are for the first title and the last subtitle stated. My reasons were that I suppose all embroidery shown will be on cloth, not e.g. on leather etc., and further, as the book is being created by you, the subtitle really should include the word bead art.

    I don't have an idea of my own right now, but must say that I rather appreciate Cyndi's suggestion for a title, because it is outside the trodden path and would be an eye-catcher. This title, in my opinion, should certainly be accompanied by the last subtitle on your list to make the object of the book quite clear.

    It is fun to wait and see what the result will be, and greater fun yet to wait for your book and, I am sure, pure bliss to have an own copy as soon as it is released.

    Have a good time with the book and all,

  15. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Oh dear, I just realized I blundered on that!!! May Cyndi forgive me. When I saw that "Wildest Dream Designs" is NOT a title suggestion, but the name of Cyndi's website, I immediately had a look and saw that the name is certainly appropriate. Sorry, Cyndi!


  16. Hi Robin

    I voted exactly as Jo in NZ did and for exactly the same reasons.

    Can hardly wait until it's available to purchase.

    Shari M

  17. Anonymous7:28 AM

    I second Jo in NZ-afraid the word embroidery would limit attention to those who already do traditional embroidery. Techniques and Inspirations is broadly enticing. I am looking forward to this book!!!

  18. I voted for The Joy of Bead Embroidery and saw the poll is neck and neck 31 & 30 votes. I didn't choose the Cloth title because for those who are afraid to venture out and embroider on other materials like paper or leather they often need permission to do so and might not take the opportunity to pick up the book if it limits them by using the word cloth.

    I also voted for Techniques & Inspirations ...because it's wide open and seems to give all levels of beaders something to be excited about.

    But in the end, go with your heart. <3

  19. ciao sharon, anche se sarà difficile per me, qui in italia procurarmi il tuo libro, voto ugualmente.
    credo che "the joy of beading on cloth" potrebbe aprire un mercato più ampio. rivolto non solo alle ricamatrici ma anche a coloro che cuciono o fanno patchwork.
    come sottotiltolo mi piace il primo (fun stitches...)perchè in genere quando lavoro al ricamo o alle perle mi piace divertirmi e credo che un titolo così dia più allegria.
    in ogni caso buon lavoro per il tuo libro, ti abbraccio forte e con affetto, matilda

  20. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I voted for "Beading on Cloth" because the word embroidery has a whole different connotation for me, and is not something I'm interested in, whereas if someone whispers, "beading" it will snap me out of a trance. "Techniques & Inspirations..." is my choice, for the same reasons outlined above.

    I'd like to prick you a bit though on the choice of "The Joy of..." That has been done in a lot of titles, the primary link being to "The Joy of Cooking". That's a great book, but when I consider the title it brings up the vision of my yellowed old copy with no pictures and a jillion recipes I'll never use. While beading on cloth may bring me joy, it's so much more than joy. It's freedom! So, I would encourage you to take a critical look at the phrase, "The Joy of...". Maybe we can get some further comments on that. Perhaps I'm all alone in this opinion...wouldn't be the first time!

    Again, thank you Robin for your dedication to teaching and spreading the good news!

    Terri Budrow-Nelson

  21. Wow! I wish I had read the comments before I voted - but then I would have been swayed - so maybe it's good that I didn't.
    I voted for the Bead Embroidery title because I find so many of my students are afraid of stepping outside of the box. So I think that they might pick up the book because it sounds safe. And knowing your other books Robin, once you had them picking up the book you'd soon have them coloring outside the lines.
    I chose the Fun Stitches subtitle because I am always looking for something that is a bit more playful and maybe a little less serious. I have found that side of you in the other books of yours that I have and I like that about them!! Why not advertise it in the title??
    I agree with Terri about re-considering 'The Joy of....' - I, too, think of the cookbook and a few other 'Joy of's'. Now having said that, do I have another suggestion? Nope.... but you did ask for our 2 cents worth....
    Karen McCleary
    aka kwltnmoma

  22. Well I had a picky-writer reason for voting "against" the title that contains the phrase Beading on Cloth because it's so close to Beading On Fabric which is a whole other book. Was concerned the similarity could easily cause those who absorb written data by skimming very quickly to presume it actually *was* the other book rather than a brand new offering. And obviously this concern applies to those who'd be seeing the title OUT of context of your website.

    Don't have any quibbles with "Joy of" in a title despite its wide proliferation as, I suppose, it often seems there's not nearly *enough* Joy of ... whatever expressing itself in the collective consciousness. Especially where technique is concerned and people tend to get all angsty about 'doing it right". So for me the phrase "joy of" connotes some inherent liberation and potential fun-making. I'd definitely check out a book containing that title quickly than I'd reach for one that didn't contain it but that could well be a Just Me thing.

  23. Anonymous12:10 PM

    GREAT! I can't wait Roin. I liked the name The Joy of Beading on Cloth & Techniques and Inspirations... I chose these because I see your book being a tool for other fiber type artist, such as doll makers and quilt artist. I think it will have a more broad range appeal for the words, "cloth" and "art" in the title. Now to wait until you get your book published. Can't wait to see what projects you've got in it.


  24. Thanks to everyone who is voting and commenting! What wonderously wise beaders you all are!!! I am getting lots of insights, from your posted comments, and appreciate them very much. The interesting vote for me is about the sub-titles. The last one ("...making art...") was a spur of the moment thought while writing the post. Who would have thought it would earn so many votes? Anyway, this is very helpful! Thanks for taking your time for it! Hugs, Robin

  25. I'm going with my first choices and can hardly wait. I knew you must be in some really deep project as you've been silent for awhile. I liked the Art one for the subtitle too. I'd buy a book with that kind of come on!

  26. oooooooooohh a new book - I'm so excited!

  27. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I voted for "Beading on Cloth", but "Beading on Fabric" has more appeal to me. Go figure.
    Either way I'm looking forward to it!

  28. Hello *neighbor*!

    What a JOY to meet you in person the other week, Robin....Vic says "HI", too. We are wearing our new jewels as often as we can -- I wore my bracelet to recycling the other day :>}}

    I voted for the beading on cloth choice because as a beginner, I still find the word "embroidery" intimidating (I can barely s-e-w on cloth, much less embroider on it!). I like it better in the sub-title & chose the art with bead embroidery option...I like that A LOT.

    All best wishes for a SPLENDID book,
    Christi, next door
    WA state

  29. Anonymous4:15 AM

    I liked the "art" subtitle best and then voted for "cloth" in the title so it wouldn't repeat itself.

    Just found your blog in the past few weeks and I enjoy very much your creative spirit. Looking forward to your book.

  30. I voted for Beading on Cloth. I may not be right, but it seems to me that there are already lots of beading "embroidery" books out there already. For me, the Cloth title looked fresher. Can't wait for it to come out!

  31. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Dear Robin,

    after having supplied the involuntarily-funny part to the title search by my silly blunder, I am now back with an own suggestion. However, having read your PS, I am rather hesitant to write it down, but here it is anyway: How about "State-of-the-Art Bead Embroidery"? But then, something like that might be too intimidating to absolute beginners, which would be a pity. On the other hand I feel, and obviously many others do, that the title should somehow show the specialty of your art. A plain title seems too pale and hum-drum. I am sure you yourself or one of your many fans will yet come up with THE title.

    Happy brain-raking!

  32. I was just checking in on you!!! I see you are well on the way with your book and samples - so exciting!

  33. Congratulations on your labor of love and soon it will produce fruit for us to pick!

    I voted for Bead Embroidery because we can and do embroider on more substrates than cloth and we create Art, don't we? So that's why I chose the second subtitle.

    Happy Holidays!

  34. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I voted for The Joy of Bead Embroidery and Techniques and Inspirations for Making Art... Like others I just felt a deeper pull from those titles. I hope to feel the joy and to be inspired as well as learn how to take those feelings and put them into action.

    Another Robin

  35. Counting the days till the NEW book is released & "for sale"!!..can't wait!

  36. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I'm with Natalie in that I really prefer the word "Fabric" to "Cloth". Whichever title you choose, I know the book will be wonderful and I can't wait to own copy.



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