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New Book About Bead Embroidery + A Little of This & A Little of That!

new bead embroidery book by Robin Atkins, motivation stickers on calender I Work for Stickers!

Amazing what I will do for the pleasure of pasting a sticker on a calendar page! It started with walking two miles... every day I walked, beginning the middle of last August, I gave myself a sticker. You should see my calendar! We won't go into the other benefits, but I will confess to having one perfect month (November) and several months with only one or two un-stickered days. I've just GOT to earn that sticker each day!

Ok, so on Dec. 16th, a little light bulb flashed regarding motivation to work on my new book. More stickers! Another calendar page and more stickers! Every day that I work at least two hours on my book, I earn a sticker. Of course, once I get going, I'm on a roll and can work for many hours. The stickers get me going.

Here's a little secret... shhhhhh..... when I finish the book and get it sent to the printer, there will be a huge sticker reward... I'm going to buy myself.... shhhhhh..... a sticker factory!!!! It's a toy for kids, and the kid in me will just LOVE it!

Book Title Suggestions

Thanks to all of you who voted and made comments about the title for my new book. I agree with so many of the things you said, and appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in responding.

Although the book is progressing very well, I still haven't made a decision about the title. Right now the working title is:

Creating Art With
Bead Embroidery
New Inspirations and Techniques

How does this title grab you? I wish it were a little more snappy. Any ideas? I'm wondering about the words "Creating Art" vs. the words "Making Art." What do you think?

Girl of Fall commented on my previous post about the word "New," suggesting that the techniques may not be new. I want to assure her and you that the 20 techniques in this book are not in any other books as far as I know. So, it should be a very exciting book with lots of fresh ideas. I just wish I could think of a title that would convey that excitement, while still telling what the book is about.

Sabine made these suggestions:
A Fresh Approach to Bead Embroidery
Expressive Bead Embroidery
Surface and Beyond

I like these ideas... Do you have any suggestions that might key off of her ideas?

Happy New Year!!!!

May the year ahead be filled with the blessings of love, friendship, peace, good health, adventure, beads, fibers, creativity and play for each and every one of you! This world is a better place for our shared time through blogging. Thanks and big, beady hugs to all of you! Love, Robin


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Dear Robin,

    To me your title as it is now seems just perfect. Probably no improvement needed - but you never know what ideas will come up. "Creating", in my opinion, is better than "making", more in keeping with the word art, so to say.

    The little bits and pieces you give us about your book make me more and more curious.

    Funny that an artistic person like you should be so intrigued with stickers! But why not, anything goes when it comes to something to push one on. And a sticker factory on top of that! (Are we going to have a book about the art of stickers next??) Hope you don't mind me having a little laugh.

    Best wishes and hugs,

  2. Anonymous4:48 PM

    FWIW, I like "creating" better too. It sounds more serious, but not pretentious. "Making" is fine, but has a more crafty feel to me :-)

  3. First of all, Happy New Year even though I'm late! I agree with the previous comments....I like the word creating more than making.

    Stickers, huh!! You never cease to amaze me!

  4. Robin, I like your current title very much and can't think of anything that would improve it.
    I thought everyone used & loved stickers. I am very surpised that anyone would be surprised that you use and love them. I want to know more about the sticker making machine.

  5. To Liz ~ I found the Sticker Factory available on You can get the kit and a refill kit (must have!) for about $20. It got lousy customer reviews. But a friend has 5-year old twins who absolutely LOVE it. Are you going to buy one???

  6. Hi Robin. I like the first title that you came up with. 'Creating' is so much more artistic than 'making'...
    And, I still have a sticker collection! LOL!

  7. Lets see...
    Beads, beads, a magical art -
    The more you bead......?

  8. Happy New Year Robin !

  9. I agree with other folks that "creating" is better than "making." On the other hand, I really like "A Fresh Approach..." -- I already own several bead embroidery books, but a title like that would definitely increase my curiosity and make me look at your book.

    Good luck!!

  10. How about,

    Inspire Your Art with
    Creative Bead Embroidery:
    New Techniques

    You know, with the top line in lightweight italics, bold in the center, a different font on the third line?
    I can't wait to see this book, Robin.
    And your stickers are so funny...

    (I have to admit, too, that Lane's comment up there really cracked me up.)

  11. Anonymous6:29 PM

    OK, I'm breaking with the majority. While "creating" is a fine word, there is something
    down-to-earth ad accessible about "making art".
    For me, a novice who often stands in awe of your creations (aka "makings"), the idea of "making art" sings, "you can do it too". The word "creating" is almost too "just right", cliche, predictable. "Making Art" catches my attention and makes me think - I can play with her, she's making stuff, I make stuff, we can make stuff together!
    If you want an elegant title, by all means "creating" is your word! But there's something about "making art" that appeals to my inner child and pulls you down from the pedestal to play with me!
    -Sue Pip -

  12. I like "making" better than "creating" too but I think it's because I've never grown up.

    But what's interesting to me is why you'd want to buy a sticker factory when you can just print out images a page at a time on your inkjet printer using 8.5 x 11 size label paper. Looks like you have to cut the stickers out when you're done printing with the factory anyway. Why bother with a middle man (machine)?

    Thanks for this blog. I'm enjoying all the creative juice that's getting tossed around. Hope your book sells a bajillion copies.

  13. Yeah, Santa brought me your book, One Bead at a Time, for Christmas (I had to drop some very heavy hints but I hear that you went a long way to help Santa make my Christmas wish come true). I've already read it cover to cover but I will be dipping in again and again while I learn the art of bead embroidery.

    CA :)

  14. I think the title is a bit unweld-y but that is just an opinion.

    I really like the idea of Surface and Beyond and I'm thinking maybe 'Beyond the Design Surface' just to switch it up a bit. I think Surface and Beyond has been used as a title. Or even 'Beyond Mere Bead Embroidery.'

    I have to tell you stickers don't do that for me, but feeling better sure does. My DH is even feeling better and after easing back into exercise I'm adding minutes to my walking on the track with DH,(all of these things are at the rec center) riding the bikes, walking the river, which is walking against the current to build strength and for carido and of course using the eliptical and other machines as well as the mats. It is so nice to feel better and to get to do it with my sweetie. He is feeling so much better with his teeth out and is just becoming a wild thing again!

    I just am blown away by you walking for a sticker. Gosh, I'm going to have to rethink this whole thing! Good for you Robin!

  15. Anonymous5:20 AM

    I think your working title works just fine, but if it seems unwieldy to you, how about "Artful Bead Embroidery...." It's a bit quicker off the tongue.

    Congrats on the walking!

    Terri Budrow-Nelson

  16. I think creating sounds like you will be doing your own thinking with the stitches whereas making art implies, to me anyhow, that you will be following instructions as to a particular project.

    What about including a page of stickers in the book! One for each new stitch or technique and the sticker picture could be a close-up of the stitch or technique. An empty square can be placed next to the name of the stitch so the sticker could be put there. I don't think any other bead embroidery book has done that!!

  17. Robin,
    I can't wait to buying your book! I'm totally intrigued! 20 new techniques.. unbelievable!

    I like this title very much.

  18. Robin,

    please leave the word create in the title and don't replace it with make. Create implies originality while make reminds me of a "make and take."

    One of the issues I have with some beaders is that they can't seem to move beyond the making stage into the creating stage.

    Thanks for allowing us to have input and good luck on your efforts! (How many stickers have you gotten in one day?)

  19. Embroidery on the Beaded Path. A Step by Step Journey
    Bead Lust is such a great title for your blog, try tapping into that part of yourself that named it!
    Your other titles work but don't grab, they explain but don't zoom into the passion that you have for beadwork. Find that passion and name your book from there, like your blog.

  20. I prefer "create" over "make." Having said that, I really like Allison's suggestion for a title. Sabine's "Fresh Approach..." seems appropriate too and is a little less cumbersome.

    Freebird's suggestion may increase the price of the book slightly but what fun! I wish *I* could be motivated by something as simple and inexpensive as a sticker! I also enjoyed Lane's humor. ;- )

    Happy New Year wishes to you!

  21. Anonymous11:47 AM

    How about a simple:
    Bead Embroidery Art
    New Inspirations and Techniques

    congrats on the book!

  22. The title is great. No need to 'snappy' it up.

  23. Robin, there aren't enough hours in the day to look at all of your beautiful creations! I need to get back to work but I will return to finishing reading your blog posts.

  24. hallo robin, ho poco tempo per tradurre tutti gli nterventi e forse qualcuno avrà già detto le stesse cose.
    ok I°, io credo che ogni volta che una tecnica, anche se già esiste, viene applicata con estro, passione e creatività diventi nuova. credo che lavorare con il cuore E' CREARE.
    nulla è assolutamente nuovo. solo la scrittura per gli antichi sumeri lo era. oggi tutti attingiamo al pozzo della memoria dell'umanità.
    II° riguardo alla fabbrica degli stickers è un giocattolo moooolto divertente. l'ho usato e ti dico che avevo anch'io voglia di comprarlo, ma ho una casa piccola e ricolma di cose^_^.
    ciao matilda

  25. Please see my beadwork with using old Turkish pattern.

  26. just a quick vote for leaving it as it is...and also wondering how it's going?

  27. Well, here I am at the end of the month... My two cents' worth is that "making" is better than "creating." Creating seems so, kind of, monumental and has much weight and expectation on it. Making is simple, straightforward and, maybe, more direct and fun. I can't wait for the book, and I completely agree about possibly including stickers. That would be a treat!

  28. Love your sticker idea. Maybe it will get me walking again. I love stickers. Sounds like an exciting new book.

  29. Robin, hello after such a long time I am thrilled to be here with you today.

    I love the title Remember the words while are a big part of the "look at me" "buy me" the colour and font are the snappy catchers in the first place they make the difference in a book being picked up or not and it is a well known selling fact that once a book is picked up it is then bought and not popped back on the shelf......hope that helps a little.

    It is lovely that you work towards stickers and when I next see some Aussie ones I will pack them up ask you for your address nd post them over.......all for the helping hand to the books end :) and anything else that deserves a sticker.

    I have enjoyed your blog today and will be back again real soon.

    Best wishes Lee-ann


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