Friday, August 29, 2008

Bead Journal Project... A Few Thoughts

Well, first I have to hang my head in apology about not posting for so long. Family health issues and various obligations have gobbled up my energy (and creative flow) for the past 2, almost 3 months.

The only thing I've beaded during this time is the header for my blog, which I then turned into a little, quilted wall hanging just in time to enter in our County Fair. I'm not experienced with hand quilting (which is obvious if you click to enlarge the picture and examine the stitches), but enjoyed sewing this piece very much and will probably work on getting more skilled at hand quilting.

bead embroidery, hand quilted by Robin Atkins
Bless the BJP and everyone posting their plans, goals and excitement about getting started... It's catching! I'm starting to feel myself being lifted from the doldrums by all the enthusiasm! I'm almost to the point of checking out my fabric stash and bead boxes... Almost...

Another thing improving my spirits and pushing me toward the track again is what Lunnette Higdon-Hertel did with her BJP buttons from last year. Since she isn't into digital, I took the picture and am posting it here. The buttons are fastened to the cards with toothpicks on the back so that they can easily be removed and pinned to her sweater, hat or purse. She intends to frame them as a group... the cards will hang on "pegs" so they can be removed. Clever, huh.. and don't you just love her calligraphy?!

beaded buttons by Lunnette Higdon-Hertel


  1. How good to see that Robin's back,
    bringing such a treasure.
    Looking at the artifacts simply is a pleasure.
    This artist's mind - by now we know -
    is always active, on the go.
    Her hands just have to follow suit,
    making items oh-so-cute.
    Thank you for this brand-new post,
    for being our generous host!

    Oh well ... the rhymes are not by far as good as your post, but still, take them as my way of expressing my pleasure to have you back again in Bead Lust.

    You know, not being a quilter, I am not at all able to detect that you are an inexperienced handquilter. I like the piece very much.

    So the calligraphy on the button cards is handwritten? Most, most admirable. So are the buttons themselves and the clever way of mounting them.

    Thank you again, and last not least I hope your troubles are over.

  2. Hurrah for you getting your 'groove' back.

    I love the cards and buttons.

    I've just gotten my stuff ready to start for next year. I figured I'd post on 2008 on the first of Sept.

  3. Wow! I love these buttons. When I first pulled up your blog, I thought you were showing buttons for sale. Then I realized they were from the BJP. Wow, such a cute idea!

  4. First I'm glad you are back,second your little quilt is wonderful.

    As a quilting teacher, my comments on your quilting stitches would be:
    1. good use of thread color,
    2. quilting design complements piecing and embellishments,
    3. consistant size and execution of stitches very well handled.

    Lunnette's buttons are wonderful and to be able to display them and still wear the is a brillient idea.

  5. Great header, Robin!!!
    And so glad to see you back...I've missed you.

  6. Wow. I had no idea there was a whole website for the BJP. I gave it a thumbs up on Stumbleupon! :D And, I love those beaded buttons! If I had thought of that, that is what I would have done for mine! :D

  7. Glad to see you back, Robin. We all go through those slumps. Don't you love the responses to the new BJP? So much enthusiasm.

    Your quilt is great! Doesn't look like a new quilter did it.

    Love Lunette's buttons. That was a very clever idea on her part.

    Will send prayers that all health issues are resolved soon.


  8. I'm so glad you're back Robin - have been missing you! Hope things are better. I love the buttons and what a great way to display them - clever girl. Your header is wonderful especially in the middle of the quilt. Love it! Thanks again for the BJP08. Looking forward to starting up again. Hugs to you and sending love and light your way.

  9. Fabulous Blog Header - someday you'll have to share how in the heck you did that !! Lunette's buttons are, as the younger set might say, da bomb. WoW - she does great work !

  10. to Sabine ~ What a sweet poetress you are! Your comment arrived just seconds after I posted. I'm so happy you have private web hookup now and don't have to go to a public place every time you wish to email or blog... also am hoping you'll start your own blog!

    to SueU ~ You can't imagine how happy your comment made me feel... Somehow, my little quilt wasn't noticed or seemingly liked in my local quilt group, which made me very critical of it. I almost didn't post a picture. So your comment is cherished indeed!

    To zQuilts ~ Any time!

    To all ~ I've missed you and am so happy to hear from you!!!! Hugs to all!

  11. so glad to see you posting've been missed a lot!

    the quilt looks great to me too...and I'm almost firmly decided to work larger this year (although not big by quilters standards, just by beaders)...I'm finding myself challenged by the combination of different fabrics used in quilting and the unlimited palette of beads to embellish a quilt with. A couple of thom's quilts just hit such hot buttons with me that I have to try my hand at it!

  12. oops, forgot to mention that I love the buttons and also their "price"!

  13. Wonderful header, Robin :-) and your mini-quilt is really charming : I love the colors and composition :-)

    I agree with you : small size is better.

    The buttons look so precious, they were one of my prefered pieces in the 2007 BJP.

    Hugs from France

  14. I love your new header and am toying with what to create for my own (and the challenge of how to add it is on the list of "things to learn") and the priceless buttons, and your sweet little quilt.

    But most especially, I appreciate your comments on the sizes of the old and new journal quilts. While I am still finishing my 2007 pieces (2 left), I have been considering a tad larger size - 2007: 4"x6" 2008: 8"x 10"
    Or perhaps a compromise with 5"x7" BJPs for our new year..... hmmmm ....

  15. OH I'm so excited... I surfed in to see what you're up to, and here is Lunnette TOO! Tell her please that I really miss her, and so WISH she did digital / internet so we could reconnect!

    By the bye..... I'm (of all people, me?!) doing a lecture for a beading society in Boston in November, so am preparing a lecture on beading and embellishment on quilts.... I'd LOVE to include something of yours, Robin..... e-mail me???? I can include a link to your website, mention your book(s), etc.....

    Hope all is well on SJI... Marie tells me it feels autumn-y there, too.....

    Cheers, Sarah
    formerly of Hannah Heights, now in Maine

  16. Absolutely love your banner. That is also a very nice quilt. I am glad you posted the picture. Wouldn't you be telling each of us to be proud of where we are on our journey? I hope you feel better about your own work now. You are such a beader that your local quilt group is probably just afraid that you'll be outshining them soon in quilting too!'

    Those buttons are fantastic and the button cards finish them off better than fantastic.

  17. I knew I'd seen just the right comment for your "afraid to show your quilt" feelings:
    Welcome MizD! You'll find we are not a group to give "rejection notices"... in nearly 1,600 posts to the BJP blog last year, not a single post or comment was made with a "rejecting" tone... not one! We are here to support each other in our individual journey with this project and we are always happy with baby steps! You can come forward from afar and open your heart here. Robin A

    Just giving you a loving shake!

  18. I had no idea your header was part of a quilt, it's just lovely.

    And I totally agree with Lunnette that her buttons are priceless!!What a good laugh I had.

    Hugs, Susan

  19. Anonymous8:33 AM

    So glad to see you are back. Hope the health issues have been resolved with a good outcome.

    Your quilted piece is beautiful.

  20. Well I'm glad Robin that you are being uplifted and inspired by the BJP intros etc and feeling more intuned and hope it continues.

    I too must say that Lunnette has done an AWESOME job on her buttons and yes I agree they are $ Priceless!!! Thank you for sharing.

  21. So much to say, how to keep it short?
    Welcome back, hope things are settling down and your creative juices start flowing and lift your spirits again.

    Thanks for sharing your quilt, I really enjoyed looking at all the little details and the new header is wonderful.

    Lunnette's buttons are delightful and I am pleased to see that see attaches an appropriate value to them.

    As you know I am not a BJPer (I consider myself an honoury member) I followed the blog post by post last year and already have all 3 (can you believe 3 blogs!) in my RSS feeder.

    Happy New BJP Year.


  22. Welcome back, dear Robin. This is a challenging time in life, when we become responsible for the well-being of others, often at a distance from us. Well, that's spoken like someone who has never had children!! But it does seem, that at a time when one's energy and focus seem all the more limited and precious, that family issues are an intrusion that we attend to happily but with sorrow for and recognition of our own lost time as well. Celebrate the precious, whatever it is.


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