Sunday, February 07, 2010

Six Words for February ~ BJP

cry, word or bead journal project, created in photoshop by Robin Atkins
touch, word or bead journal project, created in photoshop by Robin Atkins
give, word or bead journal project, created in photoshop by Robin Atkins
play, word or bead journal project, created in photoshop by Robin Atkins
love, word or bead journal project, created in photoshop by Robin Atkins
affirm, word or bead journal project, created in photoshop by Robin Atkins
As you may have seen on my previous post, day 1 of each month, I grab paper/pen and write the first six words (action verbs) that pop into my head. Then I circle the one that seems the most compelling. These words will appear on my monthly Bead Journal Project piece, somehow worked into a collage of beads, fibers and papers...

My six words for February (above) sat fallow, until I read Elizabeth's post about her blank canvas problems with her January BJP. Once again, let's hear it for BJP bloggers!!! Her wonderful post turned me around and made me excited to play with my words! (Thank you, Elizabeth!)

So yesterday, when finally there was a block of free hours, I painted and played with my words in Photoshop, the results of which you see above. Then I printed them on fabric (smaller than what you see here on your monitor). I can't wait to get out my painted papers and beads later today. Where will this month's journey lead? Who knows?

One thing I will say, cry was the word I circled. Right now I don't want to deal with crying at all, so it may be a hidden element in my page... We'll see...


  1. Love this idea Robin. As you know, I'm using a word a month for my BJP this year. Taking a word from a bottle, not knowing what it will be will be my monthly adventure. You are far more ambitious than I am using several words and I can't wait to see what you create to portray each word.

  2. What a powerfull idea, I love it! I love both your and Penny's approuch. What a strong thing language is.

  3. One of the things I love best about BJP is the way we all learn from each other. A word or technique one someone's page, and a new idea is formed. Can't get much better than that.

  4. OK, this month I'm starting at the beginning with your journal page. Meanwhile I am still playing catch-up of my own .... but I love this play with words for inspiration, direction, theme, etc.

  5. I wonder what the word would be if you chose seven words instead of six?

    And I wonder too, what word you'd drop, if you only had five words in your mix?

  6. Anonymous6:30 PM

    This is a wonderful way to get started on a project! I'm eager to see the result.

  7. I like the effects you gave the words in photoshop, it will be neat to see how you work them in to your piece this month.

    Cry is sticking out to me too, but I can't say why.

  8. glad I found your blog! I'm experimenting making feltbeads.
    So here I can have lots and lots of inspiration...thanks for sharing.


  9. Robin, your idea with words is wonderfull!

  10. Photoshop is such a wonderful toy! I often use it to prepare images which I print on Lazertran Silk, and then transfer to polymer clay. I've printed directly on canvas (and then overpainted with acrylics), but haven't tried fabric yet -- I wonder if my printer will handle it. I'm very interested in how the beaded text will turn out -- it seems such an undertaking to mimic typography in beads, but if anyone can do it, I figure you can. :)

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  12. I'm very glad that I followed a link from Needlen'thread! I've been using beads as flower centers, but hadn't dreamed about everything thats possible! Marvelous!

  13. Robin, thank you for your compliment. I really enjoyed making and beading this dress. I feel like I'm creating my own Project Runway. Gita/Gigi


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