Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspirations from Ritual Art

Although I'm not formally a religious person, I'm impressed by a whole world of beautiful arts and crafts inspired by faith-based symbols, rituals and history. Think of primitive shamanistic art, ancient mythological stories, early Christian themes, religious folk art.

500 Judaica, Lark Books, book cover
500 Judaica, published by Lark Books (a recent addition to their 500 series books) offers superb photos of 500 contemporary ritual art pieces of the Jewish faith in a variety of disciplines, including metalwork, woodwork, beading, ceramics and fiber arts. Amidst the beautiful artwork, the words of the 180 or so makers explain what creating Judaica means to them.

I find this book very inspiring. The forms, designs, colors, spirituality, sensitivity and heart-felt sincerity of the work is more than compelling. Collectively it offers me a challenge for my own work, an invitation to focus entirely on what is most important and real to me.

Below are a few of the pieces that call to me. I am not Jewish and do not understand entirely what they mean, yet they are hauntingly exquisite and inspiring.

500 Judaica, Lark Books, loom necklace
500 Judaica, Lark Books, candle sticks
500 Judaica, Lark Books, breast plate
500 Judaica, Lark Books, beaded bottle
500 Judaica, Lark Books, ark curtain
500 Judaica, Lark Books, quilt
500 Judaica, Lark Books, Mezuzah
500 Judaica is my newest art reference book, one I anticipate returning to again and again, because from its pages ideas will fly through my mind and art will happen!


  1. They are very beautiful and inspirational! I find quite a lot of religious imagery to be lovely, regardless of the religion.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I just love the door with the tree.

  3. That looks like a very inspiring book...

  4. Looks like the books has really stunning pieces. I love this kind of book. Thanks for sharing!

  5. positively gorgeous images...a wonderful source of inspiration to be sure!

  6. That book is amazing and should inspire all kinds of beaders around the world

    100% recommended!


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