Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bead Journal Project ~ Thom's June Page

If you've been following the Bead Journal Project, you know the official participants include 241 women and 1 man. That lone BJP dude is my brother, Thom Atkins. An artist he is; a computer dude he is not. So, for now I'm going to post his BJP projects on my blog. Maybe someday he'll start his own.

bead embellished quilt by Thom Atkins, Laurel's Mermaid
Shown above is his June page. It's called Laurel's Mermaid. It's a beaded and quilted wall hanging, about 10 inches wide x 16 inches high (including the fringe). I believe both pictures are clickable to enlarge.

bead embellished quilt by Thom Atkins, Laurel's Mermaid, detail
Here is just the center panel. I love the waves and the way he's beaded them... also the colors, the two fish, and her embellished tail! Way to go, Thom!

Thom's been an artist since he was born... well, practically. I always thought of him as "the artist in the family," because his talent and interest in art developed very early. Even as a young man, he was very secure in his calling. The two of us used to envy each other quite a bit... me, especially, knowing he was majoring in art and thinking there was no potential for two artists in the family.

For many years,Thom's primary art form was bronze sculpture, which you can see on his website here , here and here. In recent years, he has returned to an early passion for sewing and embellishment. You can see some of his quilts here. I love his quilts... they're so unique and rich. Although it's difficult to choose, my current favorite is this one.

Thom says he's started to work on his July BJP page and is excited about it. Can't wait to see it, Bro!


  1. I don't know how you could choose a favorite of Thom's quilts -- they were all amazing. As is this lovely June journal page, too. One can understand why Thom is not a "computer dude" -- he is far too busy creating wonderful art!

    Kathy V in NM

  2. I am speechless, in awe and so filled by beauty with his creations. Thanks for sharing them. They are truly pieces of Art

  3. Thom's work is amazing!!! I love his quilts and tapestries. Thanks for sharing those links, Robin=:)

  4. Wow - it's stunning. And I'm with you on 'My Father's Shadow', that piece is amazing, makes me really want to touch it.

    Thanks so much for sharing the links.

  5. Your current favorite is mine, now, too! I really like it.

    I had to laugh (okay, chuckle quietly to myself) as I read this. I've been challenge with a camera project and went out today in 94-97 degree heat to take pictures. Got home, did the lunch thing and started to work on them. Out of 112 I got maybe 30 or so. I thought that was great! Showed them to DH, and surprise (not) he asked how we could afford this etravagence! Sigh! He did come up with a final, "They interesting and nice," and I said thank you. I admire that Thom has stayed true to his calling. Good for him. I don't think I would or did have the hutspa for that when I was young! You're a brave man, TA!

  6. Robin, please tell Thom, I love the details and colors in his piece, but especially love how he did the waves! Can't wait to see his next project :o) Lillian

  7. This is outstanding! I especially like the detailing in the frame around the mermaid, which is giving me some ideas about framing/mounting my own pieces. And the colors are luscious!

  8. All the words get used up -- so, suffice to say, This is one absolutely gorgeous work. Love every stitch of it.

    Beadin' Gram
    AKA Jackie/IL

  9. Wow! Stunningly beautiful!

  10. Anonymous1:56 AM

    Wow, two big talents in the same family! I love the shadow quilt and I also like "after the rains". Thanks Robin for sharing more good stuff.

  11. Robin,
    Please tell Thom that he has been my inspiration for beaded quilts -- ever since the Vegas retreat.
    I have just finished a limited (not sure if that is the right phrase) piece for the BFAC charity event.
    He inspires me to do more.
    And I wish I could come to California to take more classes from him.
    I saw on his site that he will have an exhibit in PA -- will he be coming?

    Just as you inspired me at Puget Sound to go further with my buttons, he did the same.

    Thank you both !
    Katie B

  12. I am a frog nut so obviously my favorite was the frog. Outstanding work and I see he has a sense of humor! Also patience!

  13. How fun is this!!! Tell him we said so! :) I can hear the waves... wish I were swimming in this piece.


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