Monday, March 19, 2012

BJP ~ Finished November ~ Celebrate BFF!

Yep, I'm still working on my Bead Journal Project for last year, one month to go! This is my finished piece for November.

Lunnette & Me, November BJP
 Like the others for 2011, it is intended to be a visual description of the intersection between me and some important person or force in my life. This one tells of my friendship with Lunnette. She, Christy and I have been getting together on Tuesday afternoons for several years to share lunch and do handwork together, quilting and beading mostly.

Turtle in the center representing a slow-growing friendship
Whereas Christy and I dove into a relationship of trust and easy companionship right off the bat, the development of mutual trust and respect grew more slowly between Lunnette and me. That's probably why I put a turtle in the center of this piece.

Pinks and turquoise colors are mingled
Turquoise isn't a comfort color for me. Lunnette is totally at ease with it, frequently wearing it and using it in her work. However, rather than make the arm representing her all turquoise and the arm representing me all pink, I mingled the colors. Lunnette and I seem  to influence each other quite a lot. When faced with technical or artistic decisions regarding our work, we bounce ideas off each other, frequently finding a solution that is a combination of our ideas. The mingled colors must represent this aspect of our friendship.

The arm representing Lunnette is the one with the little, square, vintage, glass buttons (less than 1/4 inch in diameter). I puzzle a little bit about the differences between us, as shown by the two arms. For reasons I don't understand, I see more circles and flow in the arm representing me; more attention to little details, and a steady marching progression through life in hers. Since I bead improvisationally, without much thought, things show up in my work that elude my analytical skills. This is one of them.  Yet still, I like it and think she does too.

Finished quilt block.
Here is the finished square, shown on point as it will appear in the quilt I plan to make with my 12 pieces for the year. I'm excited to get going on it... Well, OK, first I have to bead December's piece. I know the subject and have the fabric ready to go. Time to get back to beading!


  1. I love the story you have told with the work and your explanation. You are lucky to have someone who you can learn from and who influences you. Beautiful

  2. Well you have been a little busy with a few other things! I was able to pre-order your book yesterday, now I just have to wait....

  3. I Love the intersections of your life. Great story with all your pieces and the colours are so beautiful.
    diane, new zealand

  4. You already know just how much I love all of these, Robin dear, and this one is no exception! While reading your description (comparison) of your friendship with Lunette - and having met her myself - I thought it was pure perfection. I see both of you here soooo clearly! Another BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL piece, in every way.

  5. Gorgeous work as always!! Wonderful stories and wonderful beadwork!

  6. I think one of the biggest reasons I enjoy visiting your beading blog is not only the beauty, but that each piece has such meaning. You create thoughtfully, and from your heart. And that, I think, is what touches people the most. :-)

  7. Such a beautiful piece. You have such an eye for color and must have quite a stash to draw from (giggle). I have also enjoyed your info on publishing. Also enjoy seeing some of you work space and lighting system. Keep up the great work.

  8. Anonymous12:54 PM

    What a gorgeous quilt block. You have motivated me to celebrate my friends :)

  9. Hola, quiero aprender a bordar con beads y encontré este blog por casualidad y lo que estoy viendo me encanta ..... ya me quedo por aquí.
    Tengo una ´tienda con bolas y botones y veo que los utilizais para los trabajos. Felicidades por esa creatividad. Un cordial saludo y hasta pronto.


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