Saturday, November 04, 2006

Deer Encounters

Here's a little story I witnessed in our back yard a couple of mornings ago. I was looking out our kitchen window and saw a doe feeding near our deck. Grabbing my camera and opening the door as quietly as possible, I stepped out on the deck to photograph her.

A slight movement caught my eye about 50 yards away. Mr. Buck had noticed me and was headed my way. "No you don't! Keep away from my gal!"

Our cat, Hollie-Three-Bell-Huntress, was sitting on the deck railing observing this little drama. Mr. Buck gave her a look too, but she remained undaunted.

Finally Mr. Buck hearded his Misses in the opposite direction. With one backward, ear-down, warning glance, they departed.

I have some beady things to post next, but am waiting for a day without the current deluge so I can photograph outside in natural light.

Robin & Robert report: Robert continues to regain his strength and move around with greater ease every day ~ the good news. We are not yet sure that the surgery will improve his back pain problems. So far, it's actually worse ~ the not so good news. My cold is way better, almost gone ~ the yipeee news. Thanks again for your good wishes. We both appreciate it.


  1. Oh no, not good news with Robert's back! Ugh! We hate that!

    I'm not sure I've ever told you about making teddy bears while surrounded on two sides (exposed basement on those two sides for the hill and a walk out-very light basement)by our resident deer in Perry Park. Ragsie would be doing her 'sniffy'thing with them through the sliding glass door and many times the snow was falling or they'd manage to eat the fortified and buttressed tulips in the spring. You doe and buck are a hmmm, is charming couple the right way to say it. Anyway, they are nearly as gorgeous as Three Bell Holly Huntress or is it Holly Three Bell Huntress. I 'm so bad at name. Nice pictures even if the news for Robert are great.

    And P. S. I got the link up! Whew!

  2. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I hope your hubby feels better soon...

  3. Now's the time for some Back Healing Spirit Dolls. Let's get to work!!!

  4. Beautiful photos of the deer....but sorry to hear about the Robert's continuing back problems. I hope it's only temporary. Also good to hear you're feeling better.

  5. Love the deer story and photos. That is a tough looking dude with the antlers...and a brave cat you have!

    I am wondering if it is just going to take longer than expected (and hoped) for Robert's surgery to show results. Our older bodies just don't heal so fast. My husband's shoulder was worse for awhile after his surgery last it is better. But that is 10 months later....

  6. I am glad you are feeling better! Hope hubby does the same REAL SOON! Love the deer story. We have similar sightings in our back yard. Don't you just love live that close to nature! Sometimes I stop and think how the Indians must have felt living among the wild life....very grounding:)


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