Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Time to Bead...

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin Atkins This is from Monday morning, after it snowed here all day and all night Sunday (see previous post). We had 18 inches in our yard, according to my "stick-in-the-snow" measurements... up to our knees in snow.... wet heavy snow.

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin Atkins Everything was bowed down with the weight of the snow. Plus we'd had freezing rain the night before it started snowing, so the branches and leaves were already coated with ice.

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin Atkins Here's the Madrona tree right outside our back deck.

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin AtkinsHere's a close up of the Madrona berries. They look so pretty in contrast to the white!

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin Atkins Here's where we start to notice the damage. This is the trail from our house to the studio. Obviously some trees and branches down here, broken from the weight of the snow and ice. This calls for a temporary new trail and a lot of clean up when it all melts.

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin Atkins If you remember from the previous post, Robert tried to pull our neighbors pickup with our Bronco, got it stuck too, and decided to leave it where it was. Three trees fell across our drive way during the night, narrowly missing the front of the Bronco. That was quite the chain-saw and back-breaker job to get those three trees off the driveway. Several more fell across the driveway between our garage and our neighbor's house... more work to keep us warm in steadily decreasing temperatures. Oh, and by the way, I didn't mention, did I that we lost power Sunday evening, our pipes froze, and we lost our telephone line. But then, there was lots of snow to melt on our wood stove.

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin Atkins Here's one of those trees across the driveway... You can see how the weight of all that snow and ice just snapped the trunk.

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin Atkins
The hero of the day was our neighbor, John, who has a tractor because he's a bamboo farmer. Bless him, he plowed our road on Monday, and today came back to plow our driveway (after we cleaned the fallen trees out of the way). This is one of the blessings of living on an island... we work together, and help each other during hard times.

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin Atkins
This is just a pretty picture taken up by the studio. Robert collects old rusty things. This antique portable fire hose is one of my favorites.

snow storm, Nov. 2006, photo by Robin Atkins
With the power out for two days, no water, and no phone, and the temperature falling... the only thing that keeps us going is our wood stove. Here's Robert with a load of wood. Yesterday it was about 15 degrees (F). Right now it's down to 8 degrees. But for now, we have power, light, phone and computers. Still no water, but that's ok... there's still lots of snow!

What with all this hauling, chopping, clearing, etc. I've had no time to bead during the day, and no light to bead at night. Whaaaa. Guess I'll just have to take my beads to Minnesota, where the weather's been balmy with rain showers! It's supposed to snow a bunch more here tomorrow, but hopefully I'll be gone before it starts. Snow is ok in moderation, if the power stays on, and if your pipes don't freeze, and if your trails and driveways don't get blocked by fallen trees.

Wish us luck that the Bronco will start and make it into the airport tomorrow morning. There I'll catch a small plane (6 or 8 seats) to Seattle. I'll post to the comments from Minnesota after I arrive there. Then it'll be a week before I'm back to blog writing.


  1. in Massachusetts it's been balmy with rain showers too - we've had an unusually warm November, I think. Today it might be sixty, which is almost unheard of!
    I love seeing all the snow on people's blogs this week... it makes me feel holidayish.

  2. It is beautiful but boy, does that kind of snow do a number on the trees! That heavy, wet snow just sticks like glue... hope you get to Minnesota ahead of the storm!!

  3. WOW, those pictures of all of that snow are beautiful! I know it creates a lot of problems...but oh my it is soooo pretty.

  4. Robin! I'm glad you and Robert are okay after all that snow, broken pipes, trees down, and work clearing it all! What an adventure. The photos are gorgeous--a real winter wonderland.

  5. I am not ready for snow. But, I do love that photo you took of the berries:)

  6. Interesting blog. I came across it by putting art quilt and Minnesota in the search line. I guess you aren't in Minnesota. And you have more snow than we have. We just got lots of rain yesterday. Sun today.

    Happy beading.

    I'm trying to find links to art quilters in Minnesota.

  7. I do not envy you! And I do know the destructive ability of ice and snow. I hope it hasn't done too much damage to your trees.

    Thank goodness you have a wood stove and a ready supply of wood! I hope this is the end of the snow for your area.

  8. So glad you OK. I'm definitely not looking forward to when it comes to Maryland. It's pretty and all but I hate driving in it and that whole being cold things is just miserable.

    Stay warm and dry and safe. *hug*

  9. Oh my gosh! It's absolutely beautiful, but....brrrrrrrr. So glad you are safe tho. Hope your plane can get out ok.

    I came to tell you I have been using your beading tips...finally you taught me how to do a knot the easy way. It works every time, just like you said. Thanks Robin!

  10. Wow, Robin,

    That is a lot of damage and very unusual weather you've been having. I must say it look like a limb breaker! How wonderful that the Bronco didn't get hit with a tree or branch. I love the old portable fire hose roll in the snow and the Madrona berries. Both are lovely in their own way.

    We had snow today--well last night and today and now it is supposed to hit a -5degrees or colder tonight as it has cleared off. More snow in 2-3 days, but that is normal for us. I can't imagine your area with that even when I see it on the Weather Channel.

    I hope you get to bead soon!

  11. Hope and trust you got out of there alright. Your cat and husband will just have to take care of each other!

    Nothing like being up close and personal with the elements, is there? ;-)

  12. To All ~ Just a quick post to let you know the Bronco made it up our hill and down the treacherous tree-strewn road to our little airport this morning at 6 am. Minnesota and the assisted living place where Mom lives with all it's amenities, seems like heaven right now. Poor Robert... it's snowing again back home with another 5 inches or so expected. Thanks for your comments and well-wishes. I'm glad you like the pictures.

    To loiej ~ I don't know any art quilters in MN, but I do know some folks I can ask, and will email privately about it if I get any info for you.

  13. yikes! Good luck with everything!

  14. I can sympathize--i'm on the south end of Vancouver Island BC--week and a half of hell and housebound! Wish it would melt! Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful but oh the problems with power cable phone and groceries!!!

  15. I'm so glad you made it to Minnesota safely & hope you are enjoying your visit with your mom. After years of living in the Midwest and surviving some of its record-breaking storms, my heart goes out to you, Robert & your neighbors. As you noted, though, that's when you find out what great neighbors you have; I still remember the ones who pulled me out of a snowdrift or three! I'm hoping your trip back home is less eventful & that you return to better weather! :^)

    P.S. Snow does make for gorgeous photos, though!

  16. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Dear Robin,

    miss you and our exchange of messages! Sitting in an internet café, back to your blog for the first time since October 27, just a short note for you today:

    The things that are happening at the other end of the world! We haven't seen a single snowflake yet, the weather here being extremely mild for the time of year.

    I will read all your blog posts thoroughly as soon as possible, at first glance all of them are very promising, like always. Luckily the posts are saved, and I can catch up on everything.

    My daughter, Anneliese, who has been sick with Multiple Sclerosis for more than 20 years, is presently suffering from a severe bout of the illness. We very much hope that most of the damage will be reversible. But I have decided to move to her town in January in order to be near her. Found a flat already. With the health system here getting more expensive, yet deteriorating all the time, I have had to fight a lot lately, but so far we got what was Anneliese's due. However, I sincerely pity anyone who, while being old and/or ill, doesn't have anyone around to put their foot down for them.

    All this just to explain my long silence. Due to my frequent travels during the last weeks between four cities, i.e. daughter's and my residence, clinic and rehabilitation centre where she is now, my e-mail address has still not been established. Will keep in contact and inform you of developments.

    Keep well, many greetings and blessings, Sabine

  17. Beautiful Robin. I wish we'd get more. It's been a low snow winter for Anchorage. You've got at least double what we have.

  18. Anonymous5:39 PM

    hoping you did ok with the latest round of storming raging wind. the power was out here for a day and a half, but at least it was warm. signed a fellow beader

  19. Robin -- Sure hope all is well -- it seems like forever since you last posted --- miss you!!!!

  20. To All ~ Thanks for your concerns. It's been crazy here, but I'll try to post as soon as I can. We're ok... just a ton of work.


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