Sunday, November 26, 2006

Little Beads of SNOW!!!

snow storm photo by Robin Atkins This is how the trees looked from our upper deck this morning at about 10:00 am.

snow storm photo by Robin Atkins This is how the entrance to our wood shed looked (after I got a load of wood - see footprints?) this afternoon at about 3:00 pm. We're up to about 10 inches here!

snow storm photo by Robin Atkins You can see the ten-inch accumulation on our upper deck rail. It's the best place to measure.

snow storm photo by Robin Atkins Miss Hollie Three-Bell-Huntress says, "You what? You want me to step out in THAT?"

snow storm photo by Robin Atkins "Well, OK, but I'm sticking right next to the house where it's sheltered."

"Hmmmm, I see it's not going to stop soon. Think I'll come back inside and sit by the fire for a while."

snow storm photo by Robin AtkinsOur neighbors went to town (6 miles) to stock up on groceries. Good neighbors that they are, they called from town to see if we needed anything. Yes, they'd bring us milk... But when they delivered our milk and tried to back out of our drive, slip, sloosh, spin.... Oooops, stuck good.

snow storm photo by Robin Atkins OK, so we'll try to shovel it out. No luck.

snow storm photo by Robin Atkins Well then, let's get out a length of chain and hook my husband's Bronco to the neighbor's truck. Four wheel drive ought to do the trick, right?

snow storm photo by Robin Atkins Pull. PULL! Now eight wheels are spinning, but neither the truck nor the Bronco are moving an inch.

Ok, they agree... We'll just leave them where they are for now, and see what tomorrow will bring.

That's the report from San Juan Island, Washington, where it rarely snows... maybe once a year. It's dark now... and still snowing. The record here is 3 feet, which stopped everything except kids with sleds and adults with snowshoes. Since I'm due to go off island in two days (going to Minnesota to see my Mom), let's hope and pray it not only stops snowing, but also warms up considerably... or I won't be going anywhere.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. That's usually how my drive home for Thanksgiving looks, esp. around Buffalo, NY area...but not this year, and I'm thankful for that:)

  2. Oh my, it's soooo beautiful!!! I know that it creates all kinds of problems and worries, but I do so love to see the snow. We are having unseasonably warm sunny weather here in northeast TN. I would love to have some of your snow for Christmas!! :P Good luck getting to see your forecast is COLD and COLDER nationwide by next weekend. And I so enjoyed your THanksgiving post!

  3. Like so many areas, we are experiencing unusually warm weather --- it is projected to change this weekend so better enjoy the next couple days. Love the snow, so don't mind that part at all, Much easier to get warm than cool in the summer. Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for the snow photos -- I cant' wait.

  4. We just got over a really warm spell but it's now chilly and we had a bit of rain earlier today. Thankfully nothing like what you have! Beautiful to look at but I don't want to live in it anymore!

  5. SNOW? EEEEEEEEEEEK! Runaway!!!!

  6. Robin, I love snow and cold, but I can see where that much wet snow is a huge problem. We are getting colder and supposed to have (in the metro area) a 70% chance tomorrow of some precip and the same the next day with snow. It could all change. The mountains are behind a blanket when we went up to get coffee a bit ago and they are laying blacktop on the church parking lot. They seem to have wrapped the rock that they are putting on the corners of the church in plastic, so I think that they think that you are sending us some white stuff. I hope you get out for the trip and I hope I make it to First Saturday Quilt Day. We'll cross fingers via long distance! It really is lovely though!

  7. I sure hope you make your flight to Minnie, Robin...but you can delay it a day or two, can't you? The airlines must have a policy for that...
    It snowed here today too...and coincidentially I was spending 4 hours sewing little white beads onto my quilt block. I felt tuned something!

  8. Wow, it's very beautiful!
    God, how I love snow!
    It's raining here, it's raining in Moscow in the end of November, that's inconceivable..
    I feel envy, really (=
    I need snow.

  9. Robin.......How beautiful it is...If you only get it once in a while you can really enjoy it! We, here in St. Louis, are supposed to get something Thursday sent from your direction! Don't know if it will materialize or not....but we might see the white fluffy stuff ourselves this week.

  10. Anonymous6:54 AM

    oooooh.I'm Soooooo jealous! Hollie looks confused! All we have here is rain. I would FedEx my snowshoes to you but hopefully you'll be here by then...Maybe you could bring the snow with you when you come?

  11. Wow! All I can say is wow! I look out my (open) door and see green grass and yellow cassia and palms waving in balmy breezes, and hear bamboo wind chimes, and all I can say is.....WOW!!!!!

  12. we are serious snow wimps here...your snow is much deeper, we had several inches and we are paralyzed! ;] you photos are really beautiful!

  13. Brrrrrrr!

    Guess i'm getting spoiled living in AZ...i haven't seen that much snow all in one place for a long while now.

  14. To All ~ Thanks for your comments, well-wishes, and weather reports! Those of you who are wishing you were here, take a look this post. It hasn't been all that much fun. But beautiful? Yes, totally.


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