Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Spirit Dolls and Charm Sources

In my previous post, you saw an "essence doll" by Nancy Combs. Here's another of her dolls. This one is all about the essence of her friend, Marlene. Take a look at these pictures, back and front of the same doll. Before reading further, what do you think Marlene likes to do in her spare time? What can you tell about her personality?

essence doll by Nancy Combsessence doll by Nancy Combs
Here is what Nancy has to say about this one: "She's a "Chico's" gal. Her charms include a cat, dog dish, scissors, sea shell, dolphins and cards for bridge club beach retreat, a cork screw and a designer purse. On her back is a sea turtle to represent the two of us baby siting sea turtle nests."

One of my first thoughts on seeing Nancy's dolls was that she must have a wonderful source for charms. So I asked her if she'd share it with me. (I love it when people are generous with their sources!) Her favorite is eebeads, which has a fabulous variety of relatively inexpensive gold and silver plated charms. For jewelry, I wouldn't use plated charms, because the plating rubs off fairly quickly. But for charms on a doll, I think they're just the ticket! Another of Nancy's recommendations is The Charm Factory, which offers a splendid variety of sterling silver charms. My personal favorite source is Argentum Aurum, which offers a very unique line of sterling silver designer charms - high quality.

If you have any additional good source for charms, and would like to share it, please include the URL for the site in your comment. Thanks!


  1. There are so many cute charms out there. I don't use them much, but I think they're a nice touch on Nancy's dolls. Here dolls are so colorful, and very inspirational....Thanks so much for sharing:)

  2. I use silver plated lead free pewter charms from tierra cast...you need a wholesale license to order from them directly, but lots of bead shops carry their charms...they're more substancial than the very thin ones you'd use on a doll. I've used the wings, for example, to make dragonfly earrings.

  3. I don't have a charm source--yep, that's a double meaning there--but I love people who are so clever and insightful about using them. And I like the dolls. I was thinking cats when I look at the back of the doll and there was no mention of cats! Rats!

  4. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Hi Robin, I just switched to beta and I can't do a thing any more. my comments to you aren't getting through. Your comments on my site are suddenly labled "anonymous". So, if this gets through My best wishes to Robert on his back problems and have a good thanksgiving

  5. These are fabulous! I don't sew. Tried and failed miserably but you're definitely making me think I should try again... HEY MOM!

  6. To All ~ Thanks for your comments. I hope Nancy is reading them! Here's a link to a retail seller for Tierra Cast charms and beads, Monster Slayer, as mentioned by Beadbabe.

    To Teantae ~ My dolls are completely hand sewn with simple sitiches. You can do it. Please don't allow your past experiences to stop you!

  7. Wonderful dolls and charms! I have been thinking about dolls much more lately as something to explore in 2007.

  8. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I am reading Robin.:)
    Thanks to all for the nice comments. Marlene is a cat person, usually has multiple cats. Hence, her cat fabric and charm.
    SOmeone one asked about the hair. It's made up of bugle, seed and delicas. I throw in flower, leaf and other beads as I think they fit. I don't have a big stash of beads. Wish
    I did!
    The hair is fiddly, takes ages. I have Macular Degeneration
    and a catarct (going soon)and that slows me down.
    I appreciate all the nice comments from Robin and others.

  9. That is such a wonderful idea. And I love the vibrant colors used in this doll. The addition of the charms is such a personal touch. I love these!!

  10. This is wonderful. I am a big fan of Memory/Spirit/Friendship dolls. Great work Nancy.


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