Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Book about Bead Embroidery ~ Please Vote for Title and Sub-title

You may have noticed my "absence" here and on the BJP blog for the past few weeks. Sorry 'bout that...

I've been writing and beading samples for my new book!!! Oh man, it's looking good and feels so great to be making progress on it! Everything else is suffering... you don't even want to visit my house right now, and of course I'm getting behind with the BJP and not spending much time on the web. Christmas? Is it really that time of year already? All that will get caught up once the book gets to the printer.

Please Help!

The cover design is pretty well set, but I can't make up my mind about the title. Will you help me please? I've added two polls to the side-bar. The first poll is for the main title, which will be laid out like this:
The Joy of
Beading on Cloth
or like this:
The Joy of
Bead Embroidery

The second poll is for the sub-title, which will appear below the cover art in a smaller size font. Will you please vote on both polls? Also, I'd appreciate ANY and ALL comments about this. You can tell me why you voted as you did and/or give me alternate suggestions for either title or sub-title.THANK YOU so much!

In case you're wondering, the projected release date is spring or early summer, 2008. Guess that means I'd better get back to it right now... Thanks again...

PS (on 12-17-07)
Thanks to everyone who is voting and commenting! What wonderously wise beaders you all are!!! I am getting lots of insights from your comments, and appreciate them very much. The interesting vote for me is about the sub-titles. The last one ("...making art...") was a spur of the moment thought while writing the post. Who would have thought it would earn so many votes? Anyway, this is very helpful!