Friday, August 29, 2008

Bead Journal Project... A Few Thoughts

Well, first I have to hang my head in apology about not posting for so long. Family health issues and various obligations have gobbled up my energy (and creative flow) for the past 2, almost 3 months.

The only thing I've beaded during this time is the header for my blog, which I then turned into a little, quilted wall hanging just in time to enter in our County Fair. I'm not experienced with hand quilting (which is obvious if you click to enlarge the picture and examine the stitches), but enjoyed sewing this piece very much and will probably work on getting more skilled at hand quilting.

bead embroidery, hand quilted by Robin Atkins
Bless the BJP and everyone posting their plans, goals and excitement about getting started... It's catching! I'm starting to feel myself being lifted from the doldrums by all the enthusiasm! I'm almost to the point of checking out my fabric stash and bead boxes... Almost...

Another thing improving my spirits and pushing me toward the track again is what Lunnette Higdon-Hertel did with her BJP buttons from last year. Since she isn't into digital, I took the picture and am posting it here. The buttons are fastened to the cards with toothpicks on the back so that they can easily be removed and pinned to her sweater, hat or purse. She intends to frame them as a group... the cards will hang on "pegs" so they can be removed. Clever, huh.. and don't you just love her calligraphy?!

beaded buttons by Lunnette Higdon-Hertel