Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Still Adore Beading!

hot springs, Yellowstone National Pk
The above picture is my tribute to Halloween night, when witches boil their brew, its bubbling sulfurous stench a warning to all who might venture near. Actually a hot springs in Yellowstone, it didn't smell all that bad, thanks to a slight breeze blowing away from me. I'm recently back home after a 3-week solo road trip to Minnesota, where I happily spent quality time with my mother, who is approaching her 94th birthday, two of my brothers and their families and a couple of beady friends.

Driving a total of 4,126 miles by myself was an interesting part of the experience, partly because I took time to make side trips, such as to Yellowstone, and partly because it gave me a boost of confidence, a return to decades ago when I fearlessly (almost) set off on long hikes, drives and trips abroad. Having not done anything like that since hooking up with my husband 13 years ago, the thought of setting out alone was a little daunting, yet at the same time exhilarating. Now safely back home, I give the experience a 5 star rating!

Before leaving, much of my time was devoted to making and finishing two quilts, one as a graduation gift for my niece and one a baby quilt for my nephew's first born son. I took the quilts with me to Minnesota so I could deliver them in person.

baby quilt by Robin Atkins
Here's the baby quilt. A section of it pinned for quilting, below, shows the colors better and also a few of the darling animals in the batik fabric I used for the log cabin centers.

detail, baby quilt by Robin Atkin

Andy, Sunny and baby August seemed to like it quite well!

my nephew looking at the new quilt

Here's the quilt I made for Margaret, my niece in celebration of her getting a Master's Degree from the University of Minnesota. Each of the pictures marks a special time or occasion in her life. It was a great hit with her!

quilt made by Robin Atkins

Driving, visiting, quilting... little time remaining for beading in the past month and a half. Never worry for a second, though, I'll be back! Yep, I'm nearly finished with September's BJP and will soon be starting October's piece. Plan to catch up by the end of November and be back on track with beading AND blogging.

Happy Halloween, everybody... have a very beady November!