Friday, September 16, 2011

Recognize this Bead????? Mystery Solved!

vintage blue glass bead
Anybody out there recognize this bead... how old? where made? (Click to enlarge!)
Answers revealed at end of this post.

Here's what I know about it:
  1. made of transparent, medium blue glass
  2. round in shape
  3. about 14 mm in diameter
  4. probably a lampwork bead, because I can see bits of what seems to be kiln slip in the hole
  5. seemingly hand ground on the ends
  6. seemingly hand engraved, carved or etched because the cut designs are slightly different on each of the 13 beads I have
  7. at least 25 years old because that's how long I've had them
  8. carved design (three circles on each bead) looks a little like the Chinese symbol for longevity
  9. although I don't recall how (or from whom) they came into my possession, I do recall being told they were "vintage"
  10. I think I was told they were "vintage Japanese," but am not sure about that

vintage blue glass bead, hole
I need to know about these beads for a book I'm currently writing, especially how old they are and where they were made. Anybody know the answers? Educated guesses are OK. If you know somebody who might know, please pass the link to this post on to them. Thanks!

vintage blue glass bead, hole
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Sept. 18, 2011 ~ Origins of mystery bead are revealed, thanks to Robert K Liu, founder and editor of Ornament Magazine, who wrote: These are lapidary-cut or ground Chinese Qing Dynasty beads, at most probably early 20th C.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions about who to contact, especially Beady Ann, who suggested contacting Dr. Liu.