Monday, April 29, 2013

Order out of Chaos

LS has a difficult job trying to help people whose lives are falling apart to find the keys to their inner home. She doesn't complain, but I know from past experience that it's no easy task to listen to people's problems all day. So I imagine that she finds some peace and harmony in arranging things.

What a good time she must have had lining up and stacking these bits of shell, beach glass, and other objects  in such a tidy arrangement! Although not precise, it is orderly.

And this one just melts my heart. I love the odd thing in the center surrounded by alternating pointy green and roundish white bits of beach glass.

Some time ago, she arranged all these wooden wedges in the window of a shed. I'm willing to bet she doesn't think of herself as an artist. But wouldn't you give these high marks as art? I would!

* * * *

Speaking of order, I'm still unpacking boxes and trying to make order in my new home. It's getting there. The beading table is currently clear enough to do a little bead embroidery... be still my heart! I'll try to take and post pictures of my current piece soon.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Moving Progress

Wow! I should have taken a picture of the beading I did last night... the first in my new home/studio! It felt so great to sit there beading, while totally ignoring all the boxes, all the stuff that needs to be organized and put somewhere.

Stuff piled in the corner of the studio.

Stuff filling the work bench area in the shed.

Stuff filling all the shelves in the shed.

I'm not even showing you the stuff stacked against the walls in the bedrooms and closets. How could anybody have so much stuff? But, hey, the studio tables and chairs are there... I can bead! No gripes at all... progress is being made.

Thanks to those of you have have called, written and/or left supportive comments. It helps me and encourages me... I appreciate you for it more than I know how to say.