Sunday, March 03, 2013

Moving Along... New Chapter in Life...

After a dozen years of marriage, my husband and I began to take diverging pathways... different ways of aging, our counselor said. Our lifestyles, interests and needs are not as compatible as they were during our early years together.

A couple of months ago, we finally decided to end the marriage and go our own ways. This is not a sad thing; actually I think it will be good for each of us individually, and enable us to remain friends as well.

He will be staying in our home. I am moving, but not far away. I'm staying on San Juan Island, which I love and where I have good friends, including him. For the next few weeks, I'll be fixing up my new place, converting the living room to a studio and the dining room to a small living room. I should be all moved and settling in by mid-April.

For those of you who are interested, my new address is:
1785 Douglas Road #4
Friday Harbor, WA 98250,
new phone number: 360-370-7066

Since December, I have not done any beading at all. I just haven't had the energy or heart for it. Don't worry though, beads and I are still an item. Bead mojo will come back when I get into my new studio!  In the meantime I've been stitching like a mad woman on my hexie quilt. I'll post about it and show pictures soon. Below is one that shows the border treatment I'm using.

More move information + pictures of new digs

Sometimes, it takes making a decision to realize what I really want. Ever had that happen? Yep, I had been convinced that the mainland move was the right thing. But when the house deal watered out, I felt relief, major relief actually. Examining the feeling made it clear that I really did not want to leave my friends and the security I feel here on the island. Even though there were pros for the mainland, it now seemed I felt more inclined to stay where I am.

Funny how the see-saw of making an offer here and then one on the mainland finally showed me where my heart wants to be.

So, I took another look at the house I'd seen previously, and decided to go for it. Now, I own it. Done deal. I am staying on the island, moving during the next couple of weeks to a modular home in what seems like an amazingly friendly modular home park, located 3 miles out of town. Here are a couple of pictures.

My new home!
This huge, evergreen tree (don't know specific type yet) on the left is one of my favorite things about this home; it seems like "a special guardian". I have neighbors only on one side (and she happens to be a quilting friend!). Looking across the street from the dining room and living room, there is a wonderful view over open, pastoral land, and a little peek-a-boo view of salt water and the Olympic Mountains.


The large living room, as shown in this picture, was carpeted, and painted a rather dull brown. I've already replaced the carpet with wood flooring, painted the room a very pale rose, and installed ceiling lighting. This room will be my studio... my art, bead, and stitching haven!!!

The former dining room will be my cozy little living room; and what was the breakfast nook will be quite adequate as a dining room. Everything is currently getting a make-over... paint and new flooring! I couldn't live in a home with white carpets throughout... just not me.

The kitchen is roomy and light, thanks to the skylight. I've never had a dishwasher, and have always struggled with cramped, no-counter-space kitchens. This spacious kitchen is a huge change for the better. Whoo-hoo! It too is receiving a flooring make-over.

I look forward to being moved and settled... to a bit more serenity... to pursuing my art again. It is in sight!