Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Progress on
Boston Commons!

If you've been following my blog for the past few weeks, you know I've been working on a king sized Boston Commons quilt. I have to admit, it's been rather character building. I even had to resort to rewarding myself with a mint for each seam completed.

The construction method starts out easy enough. You cut fabrics in 3.5 inch strips and sew the strips together in sets of three or so at a time. Then you cross-cut the strips into new 3.5 inch strips, which then contain one block of each of the fabrics in the set. (Is that about as clear as mud? Good thing I'm not trying to write quilting books!) The sets are sewn together to make long strips. All that went pretty well for me. But then comes the big challenge... sewing those long strips together in the correct order to make the fabric of the quilt top. Ironing the seams wasn't easy either. I mean the quilt is 101 inches square!

Boston Commons quilt by Robin Atkins

Here is the top complete except for the very last seam, sewing the two halves together along the diagonal. I had dreaded it. But, in fact, it wasn't so bad. All the little blocks lined up fairly smartly, bless their little hearts.

Boston Commons quilt by Robin Atkins

Here is the completed top. I'm sooooooo happy to have it finished! Now, I have to piece the fabric for the back side and find someone to machine quilt it. Maybe we'll have it on our bed by Christmas. Wouldn't that be glorious!

On a personal note, my husband, Robert, will have back surgery (spinal fusion) on Friday. We live on an island with a nice medical clinic, but no hospital. So, we'll be going to a hospital in Bellingham for this surgery. He has tests scheduled for Thursday, and will probably be in the hospital until early next week. We both have a very positive attitude about this, believing he will finally get some relief from four years of constant back pain.

I'll be looking forward to catching up on your blogs and writing again soon after we return.


  1. Gorgeous quilt top ---
    Thoughts and prayers for Robert.

  2. The quilt top is beautiful.

    I'll be sending out good thoughts for Robert. And look forward to having you back in blogland real soon.

  3. This really is a rare beauty! Lovely colour choices.

    Good luck with the op.

  4. More beams for you and robert...you'll be in my favorite town in Washington.

    What a lot of work the quilt is...I'd need more than a mint!

    Will miss you...

  5. Anonymous10:48 AM

    That quilt is looking great:)

  6. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Robin, This is totally and stunningly, beautiful. My respect and admiration for you has grown once more. You're getting up there higher than my mother and she made lots of quilts when I was young. Had to to keep warm in south/central nowhere, Nebraska. I'm just sooooooooo very impressed!

    Since I doubt Robert will give up on motorcycle riding, I'll certainly put him on the prayer list. Ouch and hope he gets lots better right after surgery and during recover.
    Mary T

  7. Beautiful quilt... fingers crossed that all goes well with the surgery.

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

  8. Robin, you deserve a case of mints!! (To be enjoyed in the deep of midwinter under your new lucscious lavender and vibrant violet Boston Commons quilt with your renewed and healed husband!)

    Prayers for you both.

  9. Anonymous5:02 PM

    A lovely peaceful quilt!

    Good thoughts and prayers for Robert's surgery.

  10. This is a wonderful design and the mix of colors is gorgeous.

  11. Thinking of you and hoping all went well with Robert's surgery. Positive thoughts sent your way. Hugz, BG

  12. Poor guy. Now he'll have a new pain to replace the old. Hope all went well & he's on the road to recovery!

  13. Such a luscious quilt top made even better by seeing the wonderful fabrics you put into it. You are such an amazing lady!
    Prayers for you and Robert and hope he's on his bike again, soon.

    Love your Hollie; I'm a Meezer lover also but my two current ones are Siamese breeds with stripes, lynx point. ChoCho is a dirt roller also and I, too, get a snoot full.

  14. I'm gobsmacked by your talents. This is stunning. Way to go!

  15. This quilt is unbelievable. It reminds me of your bead work.....so much detail! You must have the patience of JOB! I really admire you for your stick to itiveness:)

  16. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Has it been quilted yet Robin?


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