Saturday, December 30, 2006

Six Word Stories

Browsing blogland, I found two wonderful (new to me) blogs: Juju Loves Polkadots, which is as fun and artful as its name, and Tounge in Cheek, which is where I got the idea for this post. Between the two of them, three and a half hours passed in pure bliss.

The idea of six word stories is explained here. It's based on Ernest Hemmingway's story:

"For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn."

Think about it... that's quite a story for just six words! Corey Amaro added to the idea, making it "snapshots and stories in six words".

Accepting the challenge, I decided to call it "my art assignment" for the day... here are the results:

Child in tulip field, photo by Robin Atkins
 Lady with Candle, collage by Robin Atkins,detail
San Juan Channel, photo by Robin Atkins
Syrian wedding dress, photo by Robin Atkins
Grave marker in Native American graveyard, photo by Robin Atkins
Storm damaged tree on our property, photo by Robin Atkins
Mia's grave marker and deer, photo by Robert Demar

My photographer husband says this is cheating... that these are one thousand and six word stories. He has a point. Who cares... it's been a fun afternoon. I'd love to see your interpretations of snapshots and stories in six words (or 1000 + 6 words, if you prefer)!


  1. That is quite a challenge. It is almost like writing a haiku=:)

  2. This is a wonderful challenge - I will have to try. Thanks

  3. These are like visual haiku...really an interesting idea!
    My favorite here is "Storms. Opens view...." It's a wonderful picture and an even more beautiful sentiment.

  4. Robin.....these are wonderful! They tell such wonderful stories! Clever You!!!!!!! Corey is sooooo wonderful also, isn't she????? Thanks for sharing...I may have to try your challenge myself:)

  5. What a fantastic idea! I especially like the one about the polar ice and the one of the trees after the storm. I like that your husband said they were all 1000 words plus six!

  6. Yum-O! as RR would say. For me the dear laying on the grave of your old kitty nearly knocked me over. And What child makes me cry today with the blue roses was so poignant!

    Robert! Go take some pictures! He's just missed you!

  7. Anonymous3:34 PM

    This is a wonderful challenge, I have given it a try, the picture and story are on my blog.

  8. Ohhhhhhh!
    Les mots!!
    Your husband is right... but hey, so is having fun :) :)!!
    I am glad you enjoyed the Six word challenge!
    Thank you for your generous compliments!
    May happiness follow you this New year!

  9. I loved this Robin! Your beautiful photographs with the words conpliment each other so well and make me think. I don't understand the "What child makes me cry today" What is that about? I hope you will put some more six word stories on your blog.

  10. To All ~ Thanks! I'm so glad you like this challenge idea. It is like haiku, although not so difficult as working with syllables. I hope to see some of your six word stories soon!

    To Sue ~ Good for you! Love the sunflower and story!

    To Liz ~ Layers of meaning on this one. The first is that this is a grave marker of a child long gone. As Mary says, the marker is such a poignant reminder that once there was a little girl, who met an early fate. The second layer might be about me, my own lost childhood. The third might be for all the children in the world who are lost through starvation, deprivation, accident, or simply growing up and abandoning the sweet innocence of early childhood. Thanks for your question! We saw the movie "Baraka School" last night. It is an amazing exploration of this very topic. I give it two thumbs way up.

  11. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Internet-café - youths, basecaps, earphones: No future?

    A very weak attempt! No snapshot available, just the scene I am surrounded by right now. My brain will be busy trying to find a better story.

    Love the challenge and your brilliant examples.


  12. 6 Words, huh?
    It's a great challenge -- will work (have fun) with it. It has been a hectic end of the year here too, but wanted to stop in and say "Thanks for your help and encouragement" -- and to wish you and yours a wonderful 2007.

  13. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Hi Robin,I just ended up at your blog through your website because I was researching bead embroidery for my book. I'm writing a beading technique encyclopedia which I MUST have finished by next week. I'm almost done I just have to finish the chapter on bead embroidery and knitting and crochet with beads. I was browsing the internet looking for any additional info that I might have missed about bead embroidery and ended up spending a lot of time on your website. Then I linked to your blog and realized who you were. Funny, huh?

  14. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Another go at this interesting challenge:

    Violence replaced love. I took flight.

    Cat meets bird. Bird laughs: "Missed!"

    All is well that ends well ... Two flight-stories - one black, one light - both seen from the would-be victim's point of view, which makes them escape-stories.

    And here, a dream in a nutshell:

    Olive-branch tells bullet: "Victory is mine!"


  15. you just do not embelish! you challenge yourself "now that is a true artist!"

    I am so pleased to pop in to visit you and your blog page and to wish you happiness for this the year 2007.

    see you again real soon.


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