Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Blogiversary Giveaway Winners!

Crazy quilt, detail, by Robin Atkins
Time is whizzing by all too quickly... exactly three weeks ago today, I announced a giveaway in celebration of my 3-year Blogiversary! Ta-dah, drum-roll.... and the winners are...

Carol of Beads and Birds (#13)
Bobbi of Hooray for Needlework (#36)
Vicki of Vicki's Blog (#106)

In case you're curious... I used this random number picker to select the winners from the 119 comments on the giveaway post. Let it be known, that the number of comments blew me away and so did the many kind and supportive messages. It's almost more than I can take, as it feels like such a responsibility to keep it going and improving...

Maybe that's why I've been "hiding out" for the past three weeks. Or maybe, I just needed time to stitch without the distraction of blogging and emailing. Either way, oh joy, a lot of stitching got done!

In the next few days I'll be posting about it.... and, in the meantime, the two pictures in this post will give you some idea of what's around the corner...

Bead Journal Project, detail, Robin Atkins
Thanks, everyone, for helping me to celebrate three years of blogging with such a delightful abundance of support!


  1. Well, dear Robin, that block is looking wonder-FULL!!! and I can't figure out if the bottom one is the end of a waterfall or the roots of a water spirit trying to ground glad you've had three weeks of stitching...I"m jealous!

    Oh, and I'm VERY happy for both Bobbi and Carol since they're two of my buds...and I'll just have to get to know Vicki...

  2. Oh Oh OH! The waterfall is going to be amazing!
    ...and you know how I feel about those flowers...
    So good to have you back here, in whatever capacity or frequency you choose. xoxox

  3. "It's almost more than I can take, as it feels like such a responsibility to keep it going and improving..."

    Keep it going - as you can and as you are moved. Hooray for you for taking time for your stitching!!

    Improving - your blog is already wonderful, perfect, as it is - it inspires us, connects us. It's only companies trying to sell us the same old thing that have to come up with new and improved. Your posts just flow organically and beautifully from the heart of YOU!

    Congrats to the winners!!!

  4. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Didn't win so I guess I'll just have to keep coming back for the sheer beauty and inspiration.

    A happy and productive summer to you!

  5. leilani12:23 PM

    Oh, I goofed. I hate anonymous--that was Leilani on the above message.

  6. I think the lucky winners are happy, but so am I to see you are making such neat-o stuff! Looks to me like an ode to spring with running brooks and waterfalls. Of course, I could be just transferring my own spring onto your piece, too. I'm waiting with bated breath.

    Oh, shucks, it is to hard to hold my breath that long. I've got to breath, but I'll be anxious to see.

  7. Congrats to the winners!

    Robin, the snippet of your April BJP is glorious! Can't wait to see the entire piece. The textures in the waterfall are surprisingly realistic -- want to dip my toes in to see if the water is as cold as it looks. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lots of cooling water! I long to dip my feet into it - not meaning I would want to put my feet onto your presumably wonderful block!


  9. Hi Robin

    Thank you so much for awarding me one of you Bloganniversary Gifts. I will be honored to own a print of Rosie. She is such a georgeous girl!

    But the truth is, the real gift is that you continue to post, and continue the BJP that amoung other benefits, allows beaders a link to each other. O, we sometimes get behind, but I have thought many times that I am so glad to be a part of it and want to continue.

    I am also always so amazed that someone of your great talent is so humble.

    Thank you Robin, for providing me with an avenue to my inner self.

  10. Oh, oh, oh!! I'm so lucky the past few months. This the 3rd thing I've won. I'm thinking 3 times is a charm, I've had my share and I should stop entering. Thank you, Robin. I can't wait to have a picture of Rosie. She is so charming.

  11. Congrats to the winners of Rosie! Lucky Girls!!!! I do believe you are depicting a waterfall there in that peek... not a huge waterfall, but a very pleasant place somewhere, where the water is not crashing so loud that you cannot think of your next creative piece...


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