Monday, September 13, 2010

Seeking Beads for a Good Cause...

A beady friend (Corinne... also in the BJP) in Phoenix, AZ is volunteering at a Domestic Violence Shelter and is seeking bead donations. One of the young women in the shelter is making beaded jewelry to sell in the thrift shop which supports the shelter. My friend has offered to help by rounding up more beads. We are thinking that beading is good therapy (right!) and that perhaps other women there will join in making items for the thrift shop as well.

I've just gone through my beads today and found some that are nice (yet I'll probably never use them), including some porcelain beads from China, a few charms, a set of jade beads that needs re-stringing, some seed beads and some findings. I'm going to send them to the shelter tomorrow.

I'm posting this because I figure maybe there are some readers who, like me, might have things in their stash they probably won't use. If so, and if you'd like to send them to the shelter, here is the contact/mailing information. Please let me know in the comment section if you plan to send a package, so I can alert Corinne to expect it.

Eve's Place
15270 Brookside Lane, Suite 129
Surprise, AZ 85374
623-547-6175 (Bonnie answers the phone)
Laura Horsley - Executive Director

That's it for today... Happy beading and stitching everyone!

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UPDATE: October 14, 2010

Eve's place has notified me that they are very grateful for the packages they have received thus far, having a plan in place whereby the resident who works with beads is teaching other residents, giving them all meaningful work which contributes to the operating funds for the shelter. If you've been thinking of sending a package but wondering if they still need more, the answer is YES! However, please mail your package now as the shelter is moving at the end of October. Thank you for sharing from your stash!

If you are reading this after October 31, please don't send a package. After they've moved and are settled into their new place, if they still need beads, I'll write a new post about it.


  1. Oh what fabulous timing!!! thank you for posting Robin!!!! I have just been gifted with a big stash of old seed beads and there are tons of them- hanks and hanks- now I know where to send them!!!!! How COOL is THIS!!!!
    Big hugs!!

  2. Yes, this is a great idea for us to 'clean' out. My grand daughter is coming over to put together her bead box so we'll make up a box and send off to Eve's Place as well!

  3. I'll put together a small package for the shelter, too. What a great way to think positive.

  4. Really like what you are doing. I wish there was more people like you. So plz keep up the good wook. are flowwing you here from sweden.

    Best Regards

  5. I recently renovated my craft space and I have a lot of beads (mostly seed, glass and stone) that are mixed together. I put them all aside thinking someday I would seperate them but really, I know I never will. Maybe they will be able to use them.

  6. What a great cause! You can count on me to send a box out on Monday. And, I added your post to my hope others will do the same.


  7. oh, count me in. i have inherited my aunt's stash and most of it i won't use. i shall send a lot on monday.


  8. Share this with your friends! We might start a chain reaction if you send it to some of your beady friends and they send it to theirs and so on. Sometimes, it is just takes random acts of kindness to change someone's life and give them a new future. I know it has worked for me in the past.

  9. My grand daughter and I packed up a small package to send beads to Eve's Place. I'll be mailing priority mail on Monday. What a great cause!! And wonderful that the finished pieces can help support the shelter!!

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    Happy birthday, beautiful

  11. Just found out about this on Craft Gossip. What a wonderful idea so count me in! I'll round up my beads this week!

  12. LOVE it. I've got some beads and some findings to send! :)

  13. Anonymous5:25 AM

    I plan to send a box of beads from my stash. In 20 years I have collected LOTS of beads. It's nice to be able to pass them on in this way.

  14. Jennifer Gardner6:18 AM

    I really need to clean out my stash...and this is just the reason to do so. I'll send some your way!

  15. I am putting a box together today and will send it off tomorrow. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  16. I will gather up a box of beads and findings I have left over from my beading days and get it in the mail.
    I found this post through Craft Gossip and this is a wonderful idea. Thanks.

  17. Hi! I definitely have some supplies I can send. The package will come from Margaret Napier in San Jose, CA!

    Thanks for doing this!

  18. Anonymous6:39 PM

    I put it on my list for Monday. This will get me to do some needed organization too! Thanks for posting this. =)

  19. Wish I had seen this earlier, but am guessing that beads will still be welcome--they can't possibly have too many bead choices! ;-). Thanks for passing this on. I live in Surprise, but hadn't run across mention of the shelter anywhere.

  20. Robin, Sorry this is an unrelated question. I've been waiting for the 2011 registration to begin for the journal. I noticed last years started in October, so (and please don't think I'm being pushy or rushing you) I'm just curious if you are planning on doing another one next year??

    I certainly hope so. I've been very excited about it since I ran into the journal blogs.

  21. Just here to say how MUCH I LOVE your blog header! That's gorgeous!


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