Sunday, May 22, 2011

Artists Studio Tour... June 4 & 5... More Letting Go!

bead jewelry by Robin Atkins, man-made ruby set
It's been about 5 years since I participated in the San Juan Island Artists Studio Tour as a guest artist in Ev Tuller's weaving studio. This year I've been invited to join fine artist, Cinda Sue Dow, in her studio. I'm excited about this opportunity, as I haven't shown my jewelry for quite a while. This is my page on the Studio Tour site.

And this year, something new! Continuing with efforts to let go of things, I've decided to add some of my more artful pieces, ones that have been featured in books and magazine articles (some are shown below).

Location: from town of Friday Harbor, going toward the fair grounds on Argyle, take a right on Spruce, and then a right on Alder Ct. to 545. Cinda Sue's art will be shown in the garage studio, mine in a detached studio accessible through her garage studio.

Time: The open hours are 10 am to 5 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Drawing: Both Cinda Sue and I will be giving away a prize, so be sure to sign up when you come!

The pictures below show some of my typical jewelry... fibula pins, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, zipper pulls/cell phone fobs. These are moderately priced ($14 - $75), yet are made from quality materials - sterling silver and gold filled wire, lampwork beads, Swarovski crystals, silver charms, vintage beads and charms. These items make lovely accessories and gifts. I offer free gift packaging.

beaded earrings, fibula pins by Robin AtkinsEarrings and fibula pins featuring beautiful lampwork beads.

beads and wirework by Robin AtkinsFibula pins and wire-worked pendants on variable-length silk ribbons featuring special lampwork beads.

finger-woven treasure necklace by Robin AtkinsFinger-woven necklace featuring hand-made, one-of-a-kind raku porcelain beads.

necklaces by Robin AtkinsI decided to put some of my long-hoarded sterling silver pendants from China, India and southwest USA on silk ribbons. These are definitely unique!

beaded necklace, vintage Chinese beads, by Robin AtkinsThese are vintage glass (lampworked) beads from China. They are a unique lusterous blue color, not available in today's bead market. I've paired them with sterling silver beads from Thailand.

Below are pictures of some of the art pieces, most of which were made to showcase a technique or design/color element for publication in books or magazine articles. I haven't decided on prices for these one-of-a-kind items yet. If you, as a Beadlust reader, are interested in purchasing one of these prior to the Studio Tour, please contact me and we'll figure it out.

I love working with Margie Deeb, author of The Beader's Color Palette. I made 11 pieces which showcase specific color palettes for this book. The 8 pieces shown below will be for sale at the Studio Tour and are page referenced to Margie's book, because her pictures are WAY better than mine!

beaded necklace by Robin Atkins, Air Currents
Air Currents ~ What color is air? How can one make a necklace that represents the nature of air? I chose vintage beads with various finishes in clear, white, light grey and pale blue with a beautiful swirling lampwork focal bead, real pearls, and silver bells on the tassels. Pg. 17

Ring of Fire ~ Inspired by our spring-time, giant burn pile, this off-loom woven bracelet, is a blazing ring of flames. Pg. 20 (I don't seem to have a picture of this piece in my files; I'll take one and add it later.)

beaded tassel by Robin Atkins, Stained Glass
Stained Glass Tassel ~ My assignment for this piece was to create a piece using the color palette of Medieval or Byzantine stained glass church windows. Fun! All the beads are transparent, so hung in a window, the light will come through it and pass it's lovely colors into the room. Pg.44. (Note: This finger-weaving technique is featured in my book, Beaded Treasures, on pages 36 - 39.)

bead necklace by Robin Atkins, Sea To Sky
Sea to Sky ~ The color palette for this necklace is based on a painting by Claude Monet (Morning on the Seine near Giverny) I loved blending the greens to blues to pale lavenders to whites giving close to the same affect as Monet with his paint brushes! This piece features a large, one-of-a-kind, vintage, sterling silver fish and butterfly clasp from northern Thailand in the Golden Triangle area. These two silver pieces, alone, are worth a lot as collector, possibly even Museum-quality, pieces. Pg. 55.

beaded necklace by Robin Atkins, Courtesan
Courtesan ~ The colors and emotional content of this nine-strand necklace are inspired by a Japanese kimono. Many vintage pressed glass, lampwork and gold-filled beads are included. Because the strands are graduated, this necklace will sit comfortably on the chest. Pg. 91.

bead embroidery pin by Robin Atkins, Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin ~ The shape and colors of this bead-embroidered pin are inspired by a photo of an emperor penguin with its head tucked down on its breast. I loved the way the yellow feathers showed under the lower edge of the wing. Pg. 129.

beaded dangle bracelet by Robin Atkins
Fancy Dangle Bracelet ~ Everything about this piece was inspired by a colorful sea anemone, the vibrant fuchsia, chartreuse, lavender and ivory colors and the fluidly moving tentacles. Pg. 132.

beaded necklace by Robin Atkins, Festive Time
Festive Time ~ This nine-strand necklace is bold and architectural. It features vintage lampwork and pressed glass beads, some of which can slide along the strand (fun for busy fingers). Bright and happy, it's all about summer fun! Pg. 152.

I guess that's enough to give you an idea, but there will be more, I promise! Hope you can make it to the show!


  1. Oh, Robin... I love that tassel! Could you let me know what price you have put on it?

  2. Piękne prace. Pingwin super.

  3. wow, don't I wish I could come.

  4. I'd love to attend the sale,but alas, I'm stuck here in Toronto. Good luck with selling your treasures!!!

  5. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Wow everything is stunning! My favorite is the embroidered pin, really stiking! You are so inspiring!

  6. All these beads make my head spin... they are gorgeous and the work is absolutely amazing

  7. I absolutely LOVE the intricate details of this work. How amazing!

  8. I used to be so anti-gold but now i've realised that i like gold too. i still have more things in silver and white gold cause so far i like silver color more. but some golden every now and then is so pretty. so now i'd go with both. and i love mixing silver with some rose gold too :) for an example MK has these amazing watches that come in silver mixed with rose gold and silver mixed with just gold - so beautiful!

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