Thursday, April 05, 2012

Snow Art by Simon Beck

Simon Beck - Click to enlarge all pictures!
Simon Beck... ah, I'm in swoon mode. Go here and click on photos to see more of this amazing snow art! During the winter ski season, Simon, leaves England and moves to Savoie, France, where he spends his days creating patterns by walking (plodding, trudging) with snowshoes through the snow covering the area's frozen lakes. He hopes to get them photographed before new snow falls, obliterating a day or more of his work.

I am including a couple of pictures, but if you're also captivated, you may want to visit the link above and look at his albums.  Read about how he maps them out. Simon began making these magnificent, geometric forms as exercise. Now, I think it's much more than that to him and to all of us who are enchanted by both the process and the photographs.

My friend, Phyllis, calls these "Snow Quilts"... perfect name!

This is Simon's "Tsunami Memorial," created March 11, 2012
 Never before have I given a single nanosecond of thought to traveling to France during the winter... (LOL, I abhor cold and snow.)... But now? It's on my bucket list for sure!


  1. neat stuff that snow art.

  2. that is totally amazing!!! how does he get the designs so perfect?!

  3. Snow quilts they are! How amazing especially as he does it at ground level. Thank you for sharing.

  4. WOWZER.
    (but not quite shure if that would get me to France in the dead of winter... ;>]

  5. Oh WOW! He must have killer thigh muscles. The patterns are so complex. I am actually reminded of those crop circles that show in the news every few years.


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