Thursday, November 29, 2012

Home - Oct. BJP Finished

What does home mean to you?
A building, a place where you live?

If you ask a poet, "What is home?"
They might reply
"A home protects and nourishes the soul."

My home, the physical place where we live,
is a funky, crowded, owner-built, cabin-like place
on a fantastic rock-moss-tree chunk of land.
I love living here.

My home, the spiritual place surrounding my soul,
is safe and supportive.
I love living here.

Home is my place of belonging,
the key to creativity, the dragonfly of the moment,
the heart of love, the flowers of beauty, the tree of life,
the kitty of whimsy, the pathway to inner peace,
the amber of courage, and the rabbit of gentle grace.

The Bead Journal Project, for me this year, is a place to explore some of the blessings in my life. So far I have beaded Vision, Freedom, Hands, Nature, and now Home. They are small pieces, only the size of an artist's trading card - 2.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches high. To get the detail, I have to use mostly size 15 beads. Not a problem... I love those little guys!

Home has a lot of texture, and thus took quite a while to bead. I guess that's my excuse for being behind. I don't think I'll be finishing November's piece before the month is over. Ha... I haven't started it yet... except I know the blessing is Family.

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Don't miss this... only one more month to see this fabulous exhibition of quilts made by men!


  1. A beautiful post and a beautiful piece of art work!

    p.s. I just rec'd your brother's book and it's BEAUTIFUL!! Such an inspiration!

  2. Lois Buhalis5:48 PM

    I feel all cozy just looking at this piece! It's definitely the home I'm looking for.

  3. Love your Home piece. So much to look at.

  4. I"m enjoying your piece so much, I don't want to leave! The lovely depth of the shadows, the glow of the highlights, the beautiful sense of harmony!

  5. It's always amazing to me how you can convey so much beauty, send a message and never have it look crowded or over done on such a small space. I envy that ability. Beautiful poem, and I love love love the beadwork!

  6. There is so much detail in this that I had completely forgotten you are doing ACTs this year. It is beautiful as always and I love the poem that gives us an insight into what each accent represents.

  7. When ever I need some inspiration and lucious eye candy, I know where to come!! exquisite as ever Robin!!! Love the beads and the thoughts!!!

  8. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I think I would like to live in your home. It seems be surrounded and filled with love. I can almost see the arms held out, waiting for the embrace as you step through the door.

  9. A lovely, warm, cozy home!!! I see how happy you are at this moment and celebrate the fact with you. You did it in mostly 15's!!! You're crazy, but it certainly does give you the fine detail. Now on to November for you and December for me. If only I could find those darned beads!

  10. I really love your beadwork!! I just discovered this Bead journal it too late to join for the 2013 year?

  11. Home is is your sentiment.
    Home does encompass so much - it truly is lots more than the bricks and mortar - its as much a feeling as it is an abode.

    Wishing you peace and happiness during this season of wonder.


  12. Beautiful art. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have so enjoyed the 5 yrs. I've done the BJP and thank you for coming up with it.

  13. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Lovely piece of art. Love the fabric also! Is the fabric handmade?

  14. Anonymous11:55 PM

    It's gorgeous - I love how the eye is drawn into the heart of the piece and your words to go with it are wonderful.


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