Sunday, August 20, 2006

ArtFest ~
Registration Starts
September 5th

If you haven't heard of ArtFest or looked at Teesha Moore's website or blog, today could be a big treat for you!

handmade books and papers by Robin Atkins, bead artist

This is The Book of Plenty (which I made in Albie Smith's class by the same name) and Mini Prayer Book (which I made later for a friend). You can see more pictures of these books here and here. Albie doesn't have a website or blog, which is sad because she's my idol as far as teaching, painting, paper making and book making goes. A totally generous teacher, her classes are the best of the best in my opinion.

ArtFest, 2004 (and again in 2005) completely changed my life as an artist, opening doors that I never thought would open. Picture this:
  • 400 artistic, fun-loving, highly enthusiastic people from all over the country gathering together for five days
  • taking three days of classes from nationally known artists such as Anne Bagby, Lynne Perrella, Nina Bagley, Linda & Opie O'Brien, Keely Barham and Michael De Meng
  • hanging out after class in the art asylum, where tables piled high with free-to-use ephemera and art supplies and empty work tables sing their siren songs
  • exchanging ideas and trades during meals
  • enjoying the Olympic Peninsula, at least on the way to Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Washington state, where the event is held (once you're there, it takes discipline or extra days to see anything but art and more art)
  • being too excited and inspired to sleep

Before ArtFest, I was a person who didn't think she could paint. After ArtFest (with HUGE thanks to Anne Bagby, Albie Smith and Lynne Perrella), I became a painting fool! Before ArtFest, I made books. After ArtFest, I made books with my own painted papers.

hand painted paper collage by Robin Atkins, bead artist

This is a detail from a piece I did in Anne Bagby's workshop. We cut out pieces of painted papers, like a jigsaw puzzle, and put them together to make a design, then painted in the details and shading. I couldn't get Blogger to upload the whole picture, so have put it here, on my website.

OK, so enough about me... If it's not clear already, the reason for this post is to encourage you to take a look at the workshops being offered by ArtFest Mar 28 - April 1, 2007.... And think about joining the fun! Registration begins September 5th, the day after Labor Day. Generally most of the classes FILL UP the first day or two after registration opens. Most likely the whole event, all available spots, will be sold in a week.


  1. Your books are scrumptious to an old bookworm like me and I really enjoyed meeting Teesha through her website and blog. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful links. I'm sure I'll spend hours at some of those sites! And I love your books! They are wonderful!

  3. Fran and Janet ~ Thanks for the compliments about my books. I'm glad you like them. There's hardly anything more satisfying to make!

    Liz ~ Welcom aboard! I'm glad we have this way for me to show you what I'm doing with my art. Are you going to start a blog?

  4. Robin, hi, I am back!
    Sounds like the ArtFest classes were one of those glorious epiphanies for you that all artists treasure when they the collage paper piece you made.
    In the small world department, I learned about Teesha from my son Max, who went out with Teesha's daughter Trista during his freshman year at U Dub. Trista is a neat girl...
    What will you be taking this year?

  5. Hi Robin,
    I found your blog through a link and just wanted to say I have been reading the previous posts and enjoying them immensely (and the lovely work you have been posting also).
    I wish I could go to artfest too....
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. What lovely books you made! =)

    As for Artfest, alas another fabulous art event on the wrong side of the continent. Why do so few wonderful arts/crafts events happen on the East coast? I shall just look at the list of classes longingly and cross fingers that someone takes pitty on me and hosts one near the MD/DC/VA/PA area.

  7. Allison ~ Welcome back... I've missed you. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I've accepted a teaching gig for a small bead festival, which has the exact same dates. So 2007 is out for me; but I think I'll pencil it in NOW for 2008. Want to join me?

    Char ~ Thanks for visiting my blog and reading through some of the archives. I'm going to spend some time reading some of your sidebar links, as they're all new to me and have very interesting titles. I've never "met" a blogger before who is interested in lace making... something I've long wanted to learn.

    Teantae ~ great to have you back! Yes, the beaders on the East Coast say the same thing about the various Bead Conferences. I'm at a total loss to explain it, but hope it will change soon.


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