Friday, February 06, 2009

Thanks to all ~ YOU are blogging angels!

I've been in Seattle visiting a long-time friend for a few days. On returning home this evening, I turned on the 'puter right away to check the BJP blogs. I love it! New posts and links leading me to new and wonderful beaded art. It feeds me... and makes me happy!

wooden angel sculpture
At this very moment, I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, appreciation and love for all of you who make up the blogging community... artists, beaders, quilters, writers, friends... angels gracing my life! The carved wooden angel (pictured above) hangs on a tree in a friend's yard, precious despite fading paint. Thinking about you reminded me of it.

Before starting to write this post, I re-read all the comments on my previous post about my January BJP (Lunar Marriage Dance). How amazing, supportive and perceptive you are!!! It's almost daunting to think that most of us have never met face-to-face and only know each other through brief posts, yet I can sense your knowing and understanding of me. So this post is all about saying "Thank you for being part of my life, for your time and attention, for your support!"

Roman mask
Here's another picture I'd like to share tonight... This is a scan of a picture in an art auction catalog. It's a Roman mask in bronze from the First Century AD. (Read more about this mask here. A similar bronze mask is here.) Wouldn't it be fun to bead both this and the angel????!

PS. Both pictures are clickable for detail.

PSS. Read the comments on this post for ideas-tips-questions for beading the mask and/or angel!


  1. What a great morning it is for me when I wake up to Robin Atkins -- thanks for the beautiful comment on my piece and a new post.

    I love the circle/dot design on the roman mask and yes, I would like to see it beaded. I like the idea of beading the mask and whipping it away to see the angel that lives underneath.

    Anyway I agree with you about the richness of blogging life and, I too, am grateful for this community. I have a cousin with chronic fatigue syndrome and I believe his online friends hold him up and give him a reason to live again each day.

    I also like that bead journaling makes me "get real" and helps me to examine where I am in my life, in my heart and my thinking. I'm learning so much about myself on this BJP journey, not only in having to describe my own pieces but in reading the stories/struggles of others. We are all so very much more alike than we know. For that I am indeed so very grateful...I'm glad all that good energy met you at your "doorstep" when you got home to carry you in...

  2. oooo do love those 2 pics you posted - I would especially love to see the angel beaded.... very, very cool.
    The BJP world is an incredibly supportive group, Robin, and we owe it all to you to beginning us on this particular journey. Thank you for that. I have met so many wonderful friends and look forward to more in the future!

  3. Robin, you've inspired me! My younger daughter and I just spent several minutes staring at that mask in awe. I wonder where to start - I'm picturing a 3D useable half mask, inspired by but not copying this one, but I have NO idea how to form the structure. I'm wondering if any of your readers do.

  4. Robin, your enthusiasm for this art is a breath of fresh air! You are so very supportive of each of us and we appreciate you so mch! I know I can speak for many others when I say this. I love it when I see a comment from you, because you always have a way of "getting" what I am trying to say through my beadwork. I am so thrilled to be a part of this community and am humbled by all the talent around me.
    LOVE that mask too! It would be neat to do something with a split down the middle, half angel, have mask. Beautiful colors on the mask photo too. Those are my colors, the Autumn tones. I love rusty metal and copper patinas too. Thanks for sharing and welcome back home!

  5. To All ~ Great ideas! I'm drawn to your idea, Susan, of somehow opening the mask to reveal the angel! Yes, and I'm also drawn to your idea, Tracey, of doing half and half... it would be so intriguing! May have to do something with this for March...

    To Tracy ~ I'm sure there are many ways to make a dimensional mask. One way might be to find/buy a molded fiber (as opposed to plastic) mask, cut it to the correct size and bead on it. Another might be to wet and mold paper and/or fabric onto a plastic (or other solid) mask, remove it when dry and then bead on it. Check back for other suggestions... I bet there will be some!

  6. Well, now you have done it -- that photo of the mask is gonna be with me all day long and then some!

    Sure makes the fingers itch to do something . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  7. That was a lovely post! :D

  8. Robin, Thanks for the visit today....I so appreciate you. And, as for the "what we're supposed to do" question - gosh, I wish I knew the answer, but when I'm having so much FUN working on my "stuff" I'm sure there is something awful I'm "supposed" to be doing. You take care....thanks for all you do. Pat

  9. We are on an amazing journey together! I share your gratitude for the community and support and inspiration that we provide so readily for each other. Thank you for being such an important part of my web and for sharing so many inspirational friends with me! The mask is beautiful and compelling...
    xoxo Camilla

  10. Robin,
    I'm glad you came home to such nice comments, but it should not surprise you. By starting the BJP last year, you have given so many of us the opportunity to share with others. If not for your encouragement and support, I surely would not have had the courage to put my "self" out there for all to see. I am no longer afraid to step out in new directions and reach out to new friends.
    Love your angel and the mask is stunning. Right up my favorite colorway. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I'm glad you had such good comments too. Often what we say in comments and posts are very stream of consciousness thinking (at least for me!) and that is a very good thing most of the time because it is who we are and where we are at the time. Wow! A comment in just 3 sentences!

  12. To Robin and all those interested in the mask. I've taught mask making classes for the Canadian Embroiderers' Guild and one of the best fibres to use is " Softsculpt". When I first began using this, it was only available in the UK but now you can purchase it in the USA. It is a thermoplastic foam which comes in sheets of various sizes and thicknesses. You can heat it on very low heat in the oven or use an iron on it. Once it is heated, you can put it over a mold of your choice or manipulate it by hand. You can paint on it and it is very easy to hand stitch through. I am sure this would work very well for the mask you have shown on your blog. I can highly recommend this product and hope you will have an opportunity to work/play with it.

    All best wishes,

  13. I love your post Robin! I love all of your posts!!
    Come by my blog before the 15th as I have posted my Heart Collage Giveaway and I don't want you to missout on a try for it!!

  14. Robin,
    We used felt -- wet it and then molded it to a mask. Then applied stiffening solution (Stiffen Stuff -- comes in a spray bottle).
    Kept spraying and forcing the face to mold.
    Once it was dry, the face mold was there and we beaded over it.

  15. Isn't inspiration fun. I love it. There must have been dance angels around recently. I have finished a beaded dance wall hanging which may be seen at
    I'm still fired up for beading after your workshop. Thanks for this.

  16. Hi Robin,

    Just found your blog and wanted to say hello. I actually went to college in Baltimore, though I never knew about or took your class :) I'm sure I would have loved it. Also if you ever get a chance to stop by my blog you will see that I ADORE everything Greek and Roman :) What a great mask! See you Soon!



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