Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Just Do It!" - Proof It Works

Last night, too excited to sleep, I tossed and turned for hours, my mind racing around the most amazing "just do it" story I've ever encountered.

Here's a little peek.

But first, if you read my blog or my books, you are well aware of my favorite motto: "Just do it!" I say it all the time when I teach and believe from many examples, including my own shy journey into art, book writing, and teaching, that it works like a charm. You can do anything, if you just do it.

Are you ready for this? Be sure to click on the picture so you can see the details!

This amazing basket, inspired by a similar 17th Century basket, was made by Rachael Kinnison, a woman who did not know how to bead. Take a closer look at some of the details...


Rachael says:   I have collected antique beads since I was in early grade school. I was always drawn to them, but never made anything with them.  The second I read about the beaded baskets ..., I knew why I had collected them for so long.  I saw the Corning Museum basket, and that was it, my mind was made up in a nano second, I had to make that basket~ I had no idea how~so I just looked at the pictures and did it. 

She just did it. See? It works!  Just do it, everybody, make up your mind, and do it!

Rachael kept track of her materials, how much silk ribbon it took to wrap the spokes, how many beads she used, and how many hours she worked to complete this museum-quality piece. She wrote about it on her blog, showing many step-by-step photos of the process. If you want to know how she made her basket, go to her blog, Lady's Repository Museum & Diamond K Folk Art, and start scrolling back through recent posts. It's such a gift. Thank you, Rachael!

Rachael entered her basket in a contest sponsored by Dr. Tricia Wilson Nguyen, of Thistle Threads. Go to her blog (The Embroiderer's Story) to see pictures of the runner-up beaded baskets, all definitely worthy of a look-see, if you like beads and beading.

You are looking at pictures from both Rachael's and Dr. Nguyen's blogs, placed in this post with their permission. I am grateful to both of them for posting such excellent photographs. And congratulations to Rachael for this magnificent achievement!


  1. Fan-tas-tic! Seems a weak word for this, but I can't find another one right now. I have not yet gone to the blogs you mentioned, will do that soon when I have more time for enjoying eyecandy and stories.

    The attitude to "just do it" is a very good and extremely strong one. In a recent newsletter from painter Flora Bowley I found the term "just turn up", another expression for the same thing.

    1. I agree, Sabine... makes me wish I had never said anything was "amazing," "fantastic," "fabulous," "exceptional" - makes me wish I had reserved those words for this piece only. "Just turn up," is a happy way to say this motto... thanks for telling me!

  2. Wow, this is just terrific! I tried to cover an egg with my own daisy design, something simple, and failed. I'm having so much trouble seeing fine things anymore I just haven't beaded in a long time. The beads keep calling; it's so frustrating. (yes, I use reading glasses but things aren't sharp anymore).

  3. Speechless...just lovely and charming!


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