Photo Guide to Beading

This is the cover to my latest book,
released in December, 2012 -

the book I've wanted to see for 25 years -

one comprehensive book, a single volume,

that gives information about beads

and shows different methods for stinging beads

and different techniques for weaving with beads

and a variety of techniques and uses for bead embroidery.
This is it!
You can have it all.




224 large-format pages
27 luscious projects, each designed to build beading skills -
beading techniques, design process, inspirations

large, step-by-step photos

available at bead shops, Michael's, Jo-Ann's, Barns & Noble
and of course you can order on-line from

My greatest wish is that this book
will be your guide
as you enhance your beading skills
and experience the enchantment of beads.



  1. Lovely!! And you announce so many pages! It looks very inspiring...

  2. It is NOT 3.55 pm, it is almost one hour after midnight!!!

  3. This is just so fabulous Robin! Can't wait to page through the whole book. I have to admit I still love seeing all the iterations of the very first voo-doo doll car charms I made.....they're like great grandchildren or something:-))

    Carol P.

  4. These random examples look VERY appetizing! My pre-order is already with, and what a lovely day it will be when the book arrives!


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