Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lin's Beaded Book ~

This is Lin, who teaches at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis. Since she was such a prolific painter, I thought it appropriate to begin with this picture. We each painted 4 to 10 sheets of 80-90 pound drawing paper with multiple layers of acrylic paint. From these we selected one to use for the book cover. From the remainder, we cut six signature covers. Most of us painted the inside of the signature covers with a "wash" of watered down acrylic paint and matte medium. After completing her painting, Lin even had time to rubber stamp 1/4 inch letters on the cover paper and the insides of her signature covers.

We had fun "auditioning" Lin's papers and helping her decide which to use for her book cover. Looking at each student's papers took some time, but seemed a valuable aid to the decision making. Also one couldn't help but get ideas for the next painting session.

Lin's analogous color scheme, accented with black beads and black stamping really looks "snappy."

Lin was a little concerned that her bead embroidery wasn't a true rectangle, but I think it looks great the way it is... something eye-catching about the shape makes her book more dramatic.

I was a little uneasy during introductions when Lin and Jill said they both work and teach at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Actually, they were a joy to have in the class, learning new things and at the same time sharing tips from their previous experiences making books. Later when I feature Jill's book, I'll write more about the MCBA, which I visited about a year ago. Meanwhile, here is Lin and her completed book. Make that a "zowie!"

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