Monday, June 19, 2006

vintage button, detail on quilt by Robin Atkins, bead artist
One More
Favorite Button
with Wings!

Isn't this one grand?! I've been asked the value of the buttons on Grandpa's Gifts (see previous post), and by that the person asking means "monitary." I don't know the answer. They're priceless to me, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Tomorrow I'm going back to the subject of Spirit Dolls... See you then!


  1. This is such a stunner....the quilt is, does exactly what only quilts can do, too: embody love and remembrance in a particularly tactile and immediate way.
    When I look at that button I just think you should make a cast out of polymer clay out of it so you can make more of them, It is so gorgeous!

  2. allison has a great idea about the polymer clay! I think this quilt is beautiful, and the story behind it makes it even more so. The "warm" heart surrounded by the cool exterior captures how you described your grandpa. The buttons are so pretty and unusual. I like the story about the perfume button, and you're probably right about its use!

  3. Beautiful buttons and I love the way you chose to display them on the quilt... it really is perfect! I'm so glad Allison showed me the way to your blog!


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