Thursday, June 15, 2006

More Bead Embroidery

This is a detail shot of The Journey, an improvisationally beaded mandala by Julie Bartlett. Please read all about it in the post below.

By the way, improvisational means different things to different artists. If you'd like to give your working definition of this term, please add your comments below. My definition is this: "Improvisational does not necessarily imply abstract. Rather, it means working without a plan - with no predetermined design or outcome, either on paper or in my mind."

Based on a phone conversation with a friend who was totally "stuck" one day (couldn't even make herself go down to her studio area), I wrote three short essays regarding the pros and cons of preconcieved designs and the inner critic. But this is a subject for future post...

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  1. Thank you for the essays today. I know my inner critic is alive and well and thriving! Maybe after reading these essays I'll know better how to deal with it.


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